Bitrix24 Pricing Plans & Costs Guide

Bitrix24 is a centralized platform for project management and collaboration. It is also ideal for online meetings, CRM, contact centers, document management, website building, workforce management, and workflow automation.

How Much Does Bitrix24 Cost?

Bitrix24 is an online platform known for its many features that can cater to various business needs. The Bitrix24 pricing plans offer both cloud-based and self-hosted options. Many users prefer cloud-based plans for their ease of use and accessibility. The five cloud-based Bitrix24 pricing plans include the following:

  • Bitrix24 Free – ideal for small teams and startups for basic communication and collaboration needs with no initial costs
  • Bitrix24 Basic ($43 per month) – a good option for small to medium-sized businesses with expanded features, increased user limits, and additional storage, providing a more comprehensive solution
  • Bitrix24 Standard ($87 per month) – for medium to large-sized businesses prioritizing CRM, sales, task, and project coordination
  • Bitrix24 Professional ($175 per month) – also suitable for medium to large-sized organizations with comprehensive needs, including advanced communication, collaboration, project management, and CRM features
  • Bitrix24 Enterprise ($325 per month) – ideal for large enterprises with complex demands, advanced customization, extensive storage, and additional services

Bitrix24 also offers on-premise editions for hosting the system on the customer’s servers. This setup provides more control over data management and security. The Business Edition starts at $3,052 for 50 users and up to $15,292 for 500 users. On the other hand, the Enterprise Edition costs $21,242 for 1,000 users or more.

If Bitrix24 does not fit your project management needs, consider the full-featured AceProject as an alternative. AceProject pricing does not depend on the number of users, allowing you to control costs better.

Bitrix24 Free Plan

Bitrix24 Free plan is for small teams and solo entrepreneurs who need basic features. It includes apps for communication, project management, CRM, contact center, website building, Bitrix24 Sign, support, and administration.


  • Unlimited number of users with online storage of up to 5GB.
  • Communication tools like group chat, video conferencing, company social networks, and workgroups have limitations.
  • Basic task management capabilities include Project Kanban, time-tracking, subtasks, reminders, tasks to email, and report building.
  • Essential CRM features include unlimited deals and contacts, product catalogs, and client profiles.
  • Contact Center channels using Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram.
  • Unlimited documents to sign using Bitrix24 Sign.
  • Essential features for creating websites, e-commerce, and HR automation.
  • Two-factor and QR code authorizations for security and administration.
  • Includes online training such as webinars, video tutorials, tooltips, and FAQ page for support.

Bitrix24 Basic Plan ($43 per month)

Bitrix24 Basic plan is ideal for small to medium-sized companies. It has enhanced collaboration, integration, e-commerce, and telephony. It costs $43 per month, billed annually, or $61 billed monthly.


  • Includes 5 users, with online storage of up to 24GB.
  • Advanced communication tools such as HD Video calls, calendar, and webmail.
  • Enhanced project management features such as task dependencies and supervisor views.
  • More CRM features include unlimited invoices, document templates, and sales and marketing automation.
  • Additional Contact Center channels through WhatsApp, Viber, Apple Business Chat, and built-in telephony.
  • Document editing and collaboration with Google Docs, Office365, and Microsoft Office integration.
  • Allows connection of Bitrix24 website to Google Analytics and insertion of HTML or JavaScript code for advanced e-commerce.
  • Provides online technical support for general and software-related concerns.

Bitrix24 Standard Plan ($87 per month)

Bitrix24’s Standard plan offers advanced functionalities for medium to large-sized companies that need advanced CRM and document management capabilities. Its Standard plan costs $87 per month billed annually, or $124 billed monthly.


  • Includes 50 users, with online storage of up to 100GB.
  • Project management features such as recurring tasks and efficiency KPI.
  • Additional CRM features include unlimited leads and estimates, recurring invoices, and inventory management.
  • Online document co-editing, collaborative editing, version history, and file sharing.
  • Management of up to 5 online stores with unlimited orders for advanced e-commerce features.
  • Campaigns for email marketing, Facebook advertising, and Google Ads.
  • Enhanced customization features such as company branding and file-sharing restrictions.

Bitrix24 Professional Plan ($175 per month)

Bitrix24 Professional plan is for medium to large-sized organizations needing augmented features. The Professional plan costs $175 per month billed annually, or $249 billed monthly.


  • Includes 100 users, with online storage of up to 1024GB.
  • Advanced project management features include custom fields, task automation, and workflow integrations.
  • Additional Bitrix24 Sign features like SMS and WhatsApp for signature party notifications.
  • Managed up to 10 online stores with ImageAssistant AI and TextAssistant AI.
  • Sales intelligence, workflow automation, and other intelligent business process automation.
  • Enhanced HR automation with employee schedules, absence management, and work reports.

Bitrix24 Enterprise Plan ($325 per month)

Bitrix24 Enterprise plan is suitable for large-scale businesses. It includes enhanced e-commerce, support, security, and administration. It costs $325 per month billed annually, or $499 billed monthly.


  • Includes 250 users, with online storage of up to 3TB.
  • Management of unlimited online stores with unlimited products.
  • Administration of multiple regional branches, offices, or franchises.
  • High performance of up to ten times faster than lower-tier plans.
  • SSO/SAML and data encryption for enhanced security.
  • Priority support and a dedicated team of experts to handle the client’s inquiries.


Selecting the right Bitrix24 pricing plan hinges on your organization’s size and specific needs. For small teams, the free plan offers basic features. With their expanded capabilities, the other paid plans can be suitable for growing businesses. Medium to large-sized organizations will benefit from its additional CRM, project management, marketing, and collaboration tools. Large enterprises with complex requirements can scale with its advanced customization and extensive features.

It is essential to assess your company’s budget, size, storage requirements, and collaboration needs. These are vital for making an informed decision. Keep in mind the flexibility to upgrade as your organization grows.

Source: Bitrix24 Pricing Official Website


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