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We are constantly searching for writers in the business industry who wish to showcase their expertise and expand their exposure and audience. We welcome original, independently written pieces focusing on business software or any article that interests project managers. If you own a site that accepts guest posts, please submit your site to our High Authority Guest Posting Sites List.

Important Message: Grammar & Ethics

** Your article must be 100% unique, not a copy of an existing blog post. All articles that are coming from you must pass several plagiarism tests like

** Your grammar must be excellent**. If not, your article will not be published. Do not go to all of that work for an unpublished article. You can use software like ChatGPG to make sure your article is well-written.

Our Expectations

Besides excellent grammar, your article must be original and purposeful. We are looking for excellent quality. To publish your article, you must be able to answer “yes” to the questions below.

Ask yourself:

  1. Does my article provide a clear point? Is there a clear goal in writing this article? Make sure your topic is not too general.
  2. Have I precisely explained the importance of my article?
  3. Will the reader gain valuable information after they have read my article?
  4. Did I put evidence in my article to support the information I’m sharing? Statistics, a reference from a reliable source, and examples.
  5. Is my writing clear and concise? Besides having impeccable grammar, does your article have great flow and interesting content, and is it easy to understand – not too much jargon? ­­­
  6. Does my article have original content – new information that does not exist on the web? It must be unique, not a copy of an existing blog post or your website.

The Skeleton of Your Article + Your Biography

  • Length: Minimum 1000 words, ideally 1500 words.
  • Image: One featured image representing your article.
  • Links: We accept three dofollow links to credible source websites in the article with DR > 35. The link title (anchor) must be similar to the landing page title.
  • Topic: Our site performs well with topics like “Top 10 Pros & Cons of Something” or “Top 10 Cons & Disadvantages of Something”. However, you can propose any topic you like.

Final Steps

Once we have approved everything, your article will be published on

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