Change Register Template for Project Managers

Change Register Template for Project Managers

This Change Register Template, or Change Log, provides a central place for storing all of the information relating to changes in a project.

Almost all projects’ experiences change at some point. When change occurs, you need to record the information relating to the change to help you monitor and control the effect of that change on the project.

The change log helps you do this by giving you a way of recording all of the change information in a clear and structured format.

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Key Benefits of Using This Change Register Template

  • The nature of the change being requested
  • Impact of the change should it be approved
  • Change approval details and status of the approval
  • Change the implementation schedule and date
  • Current status of all changes

Included in this Change Register Template

  • Record changes within the project
  • Monitor the change status and its project impact
  • Record the status of all change approvals
  • Identify and report on any change management issues
  • Control the amount of change required to meet your objectives

A Change Log or Change Register is an asset to any project. It provides the Project Manager with a single source of information relating to all project changes. You can easily use it to monitor and control changes, increasing your chances of delivering your project on time and within budget.

Sneak Peek of our Change Register Template

What is a Change Register?

A Change Register is a document used in project management to record and track all requested changes to a project. This register logs details such as the nature of each change, its reason, its impact on the project, and the status of its approval and implementation. It is a centralized tool for managing changes systematically, ensuring transparency and control over the modification process. Project teams can use a Change Register to effectively monitor changes, assess their implications, and make informed decisions to maintain project objectives and timelines.

When do I use a Change Register?

A Change Register is utilized from when a project commences until completion. It becomes particularly critical when any modifications to the project’s scope, timeline, costs, or resources are proposed or identified. This tool is essential for documenting, assessing, and deciding on all change requests throughout the project lifecycle. Employing a Change Register helps maintain a systematic approach to change management, ensuring that every alteration is carefully considered, approved, and tracked, minimizing disruptions, and aligning with project goals and deadlines.

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