Change Request Form Template for Project Managers

Change Request Form Template for Project Managers

This Change Request Form Template helps your team document their change requests easily.

A Change Request is raised when a team member believes that a change is needed for your team to meet their objectives.

Whatever the change request is, this Change Form will enable them to fully document their request, its reason, and its likely effect on the team, should it be approved.

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Key Benefits of Using This Change Request Form Template

  • Formally record all changes requested
  • Identify the business drivers behind each change
  • List the costs and benefits of adopting the change
  • Describe the impact of approving the change
  • Rank the change urgency

Included in this Change Request Form Template

  • Identify all changes before they occur
  • Implement a formal change approval process
  • Control the extent to which changes are approved
  • Monitor the effects of the change implemented

Teams usually encounter slippage, cost overruns, and substantial delays without proper change control. But by implementing this Change Request Form, you can monitor and control change, substantially improving your chances of success.

Sneak Peek of our Change Request Form Template

What is a Change Request Form?

A Change Form, or Change Request Form, records a request for change to meet a team’s objectives. For instance, a Project Manager may use a Change Form to request a change to the scope of a project. The advantage of using a Change Form to document change requests is that each change is verified before approval. Anyone in a project team should be allowed to complete a Change Form, with the Project Manager ultimately responsible for its approval.

When do I use a Change Request Form?

If you want to request a change to your team, then you should document this request for change on a Change Form. On the Change Form, you can provide the description, benefits, costs, and urgency of the change, as well as the impact of the change. Any supporting documents are attached to the Change Form before being presented to management for approval. Using this Change Form to document change requests, you can control change in your organization.

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