Communication Plan Template for Project Managers

Communication Plan Template for Project Managers

This Communication Plan Template is designed to ensure that you convey the appropriate information to the correct audience precisely when they need it. Additionally, it aids in developing a communication events calendar, guaranteeing that stakeholders remain well-informed and supportive throughout the process.

By maintaining open and timely communication, this template plays a crucial role in securing stakeholder engagement and backing, reinforcing the project’s foundation through strategic information dissemination and efficient scheduling of communication efforts.

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Key Benefits of Using This Communication Plan Template

  • Listing your communications stakeholders
  • Defining each stakeholder’s communication needs
  • Identifying the required communications events
  • Determining the method and frequency of each event
  • Allocating resources to communications events
  • Building a communication event schedule

Included in this Communication Plan Template

  • Monitoring the communications events completed
  • Gaining feedback on communications events
  • Improving communications processes

Communication Planning is an essential part of any business. Using this template, you can create a comprehensive Communications Plan for your project or team, helping keep your stakeholders adequately informed at all times.

Sneak Peek of our Communication Plan Template

What is a Communication Plan?

A Communication Plan (or Communications Plan) describes how you intend to communicate the right messages to the right people at the right time. Within a Communication Plan, the communication goals, stakeholders and strategies, activities, and timeframes are described. A Communication Plan helps you keep everyone informed to communicate a consistent message to your target audience.

When do I use a Communication Plan?

Whenever you have various staff, external suppliers, customers, and stakeholders to communicate with, you should record your communications formally in a Communication Plan. A clear Communications Plan is vital to the success of an organization. It is also critical to the success of projects, as it ensures that all of the staff and stakeholders are kept adequately informed of the progress of a project. The best time to perform Communication Planning is during the start-up phase of a project. This will ensure that your Communication Plan includes the tasks needed to communicate effectively throughout the project life cycle.

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