Communication Register Template for Project Managers

Communication Register Template for Project Managers

This Communication Log or Communications Register, helps you to track all of your communications activities within your project.

You must track your communications activities to have a formal record for auditing purposes. It also enables you to get feedback and improve your communication processes.

Using this communication log, you can record each communications event, whether it’s a project team meeting, project status report, or board meeting with your sponsors.

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Key Benefits of Using This Communication Register Template

  • Current status of all communications events within your project
  • Details of the events held and the feedback gained afterwards
  • Date, name and approver of each communications event
  • Type of event held and the key messages given

Included in this Communication Register Template

  • Communicate with your project team and stakeholders
  • Ensure that your Communications Plan is properly implemented
  • Distribute the right information to the right people at the right time
  • Keep all stakeholders properly informed

If you log each of the communications events in your Communications Register, you can ensure that your planned communications events take place as scheduled. This will help you keep your stakeholders informed of the project’s progress and focus your team on meeting the objectives set.

Sneak Peek of our Communication Register Template

What is a Communication Register?

A Communication Register is a vital project management tool that logs all communication activities related to a project. It records details such as the type of communication, its purpose, the sender and receiver, the date, and the delivery method. This register helps ensure that all project communications are systematically documented, tracked, and retrievable, facilitating transparency and accountability. By maintaining a Communication Register, project teams can effectively manage information flow, ensuring that stakeholders are consistently informed and engaged throughout the project lifecycle.

When do I use a Communication Register?

A Communication Register is used from the onset of a project through to its conclusion. It is particularly crucial during phases where clear, continuous communication is essential for coordination and decision-making. This tool is instrumental in planning, executing, and monitoring all forms of project communication, ensuring that messages are timely, relevant, and reach their intended audience. By documenting who needs to receive what information and when, a Communication Register helps maintain an organized, efficient flow of communication, supporting project success by keeping all stakeholders aligned and informed.