Deliverables Register Template for Project Managers

Deliverables Register Template for Project Managers

The Deliverables Register Template, or a Quality Log or Project Log, helps you record the quality of deliverables within your team.

By recording the current status of each deliverables produced by your team, you can monitor and control the actual levels of quality achieved.

This register is a core tool used in Total Quality Management, as it allows you to monitor the quality achieved and implement quality improvement actions as needed.

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Key Benefits of Using This Deliverables Register Template

  • The current status of your team’s deliverables
  • All of the Quality Targets to be achieved
  • Quality Standards and Quality Criteria to be met

Included in this Deliverables Register Template

  • Quality Assurance Reviews undertaken
  • Quality Control Reviews completed
  • Outcomes of all reviews and quality actions taken
  • Current status of quality within your project

By using this quality log to record the status of your deliverables, you can identify quality issues early and boost your chances of meeting the quality targets set.

Sneak Peek of our Deliverables Register Template

What is a Deliverables Register?

A Deliverables Register is a comprehensive document or tool project managers use to track and manage the delivery of project outputs. It lists all the deliverables that a project is expected to produce, including details such as descriptions, due dates, responsible parties, and the current status of each item.

This register is crucial in project management, ensuring all project deliverables are clearly defined, monitored, and controlled throughout the project lifecycle. By maintaining a Deliverables Register, project teams can enhance transparency, improve coordination, and ensure that all project outputs are completed on time and meet the required standards and specifications.

When do I use a Deliverables Register?

A Deliverables Register is used throughout the project lifecycle, from planning through execution to closure. During the planning phase, it is beneficial to identify and define all expected outputs, and it remains relevant as a tracking and management tool as the project progresses. This register helps ensure accountability and clarity by keeping all team members informed of their responsibilities towards the deliverables. It is also crucial for stakeholder communication, providing updates on the status of key outputs and facilitating project reviews and adjustments as needed.

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