Execution Phase Review Template for Project Managers

Execution Phase Review Template for Project Managers

This Execution Phase Review Template helps you document the results of your project at the end of the Execution Project Phase.

The Project Management Review is conducted to measure the deliverables produced by the project, and the results of the review are documented on this Project Review Form, which is presented to the sponsor for approval.

Project Reviews are conducted at the end of the Initiation, Planning, and Execution phases within a project. This form helps you to complete a Project Review for the Execution project phase in the life cycle.

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Key Benefits of Using This Execution Phase Review Template

  • The project is currently delivering to the schedule
  • The budget allocated was sufficient at this point
  • Deliverables have been produced and approved
  • Risks have been controlled and mitigated
  • Issues were identified and resolved
  • Changes were properly managed
  • The project is on track

Included in this Execution Phase Review Template

  • Document the results of your Project Management Review
  • Communicate the progress of your project to your sponsor
  • List any risks or issues that have impacted the project
  • Show your sponsor the deliverables produced to date
  • Seek approval to proceed to the next phase

By implementing Project Reviews, you put the necessary check-points to monitor and control the project, ensuring its success.

Sneak Peek of our Execution Phase Review Template

What is a Project Execution Phase Review?

A Project Execution Phase Review is a critical assessment conducted during the execution phase of a project to evaluate progress, performance, and adherence to the project plan. It involves reviewing the work completed, the resources used, and the project’s current status against the planned objectives, timelines, and budget. This review aims to identify any deviations, challenges, or risks that have emerged, enabling corrective actions to be taken. It ensures that the project remains on track and the goals and deliverables will be successfully achieved within the defined scope.

When do I use a Project Execution Phase Review?

A Project Execution Phase Review is utilized midway through the execution phase of a project or at predetermined milestones. This timing allows for assessing current progress against the project plan and identifying any issues or deviations early enough to implement corrective measures. It’s particularly beneficial when significant tasks are completed, or key deliverables are achieved, providing a formal opportunity to evaluate performance, resource allocation, and risk management strategies. Employing such reviews ensures continuous alignment with project objectives and facilitates timely adjustments for maintaining project momentum and success.

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