Expense Form Template for Project Managers

Expense Form Template for Project Managers

This Expense Form Template helps you to monitor and control expenses within your business.

Expense Forms provide a way of recording business expenses incurred by staff. They enable you to submit, review, and approve all payments within the business before and after the cost has been incurred.

By using this Expense Form, you can control expenditures within your business.

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Key Benefits of Using This Expense Form Template

  • Monitor and control your business expenses
  • Implement an approval process for all expense items
  • Gain special approval for large expense items
  • Inform your manager of any expense issues
  • Ensure you remain within budget

Included in this Expense Form Template

  • Activity against which the expense has occurred
  • The nature and type of expense
  • Date the expense has been or will be incurred
  • Invoicing and approval details

This Expense Form will help you record all your business expenses, including contractor, supplier, equipment, materials, and administration expenses. By accurately recording expense information using this Expense Form, you can easily calculate your total expenditure to date and ensure you’re continually operating within budget.

Sneak Peek of our Expense Form Template

What is an Expense Form?

An Expense Form allows you to identify and record business expenses for approval. Most organizations use Expense Forms to help managers control expenditures against their budget. A team member will complete an Expense form to request spending on a particular item. The line manager will then approve the Expense Form, and the item requested will be ordered.

When do I use an Expense Form?

Expense Forms control expenditures in an organization by ensuring staff fill in an Expense Form before an expense is incurred. For expenses such as client lunches, travel, and entertainment, Managers often allow staff to complete their Expense Form retrospectively. Using this Expense Form template lets you control your team’s expenditure and ensure you remain within budget.

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