Project Charter Template for Project Managers

Project Charter Template for Project Managers

This Project Charter Template is designed to assist in delineating the boundaries of your project. Drafting the Project Charter often represents a significant hurdle in the Project Life Cycle because it establishes the constraints and conditions under which the project needs to be executed.

By articulating the project’s vision, goals, extent, and execution plan, it provides the team with explicit guidelines for delivering the project. This ensures that everyone involved clearly understands the project’s framework and limitations, facilitating a more organized and focused approach to achieving the project’s objectives.

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Key Benefits of Using This Project Charter Template

  • Identify the project vision and objectives
  • Define the complete scope of the project
  • List all of the critical project deliverables
  • State the customers and project stakeholders
  • List the key roles and their responsibilities
  • Create an organizational structure for the project
  • Document the overall implementation plan
  • List any risks, issues, and assumptions

Included in this Project Charter Template

  • All of the sections within a Project Charter document
  • Detailed instructions will help you complete each section
  • Tables and real-life examples to step you through the document
  • Actual role definitions, to save you time writing them
  • A sample project plan for implementation
  • An example organization chart
  • Helpful hints and tips to guide you

This template stands out because it comes pre-filled with all the necessary details to generate a Project Charter quickly. With practical examples, charts, and tables included, it streamlines the process, requiring you to simply “fill in the blanks” to develop a detailed Project Charter document for your project team, saving you significant time.

Sneak Peek of our Project Charter Template

What is a Project Charter?

A Project Charter serves as a foundational document that delineates the project’s objectives, its organizational structure, and the strategy for its execution. This critical document details the project’s vision, goals, boundaries, and expected outcomes, alongside identifying the stakeholders, their roles, and responsibilities within the project framework.

Additionally, the Project Charter, which can also be referred to as a “Terms of Reference” or “Project Definition Report,” acts as a blueprint, guiding the project from conception through to completion. It ensures that all project participants are aligned with the project’s purpose and approach, facilitating a clear understanding of the project’s direction and the expectations from each involved party. This comprehensive overview sets the stage for project planning and implementation and establishes a common language and reference point for all stakeholders, enhancing collaboration and contributing to the project’s overall success.

When do I use a Project Charter?

Initiating a new project always necessitates the completion of a Project Charter template. This document is crucial as it articulates the project’s vision and sets its boundaries, providing a high-level roadmap for progression. Moreover, it specifies the project’s scope, outlining the parameters within which deliverables are expected to be generated.

A comprehensively defined Project Charter equips the Project Manager with a definitive guide for navigating the project toward success. It serves as a foundational tool, ensuring that every aspect of the project is clearly understood and strategically planned from start to finish. This structured approach facilitates a streamlined process, enhancing the project’s execution and eventual outcome.