Project Job Description Template for Project Managers

Project Job Description Template for Project Managers

This Project Manager Job Description template lists all of the responsibilities of a Project Manager role within a project.
Although it has been completed for a Project Management role, you can use this template to write a Job Description for any role within an organization.

Completing a Project Job Description is a time-consuming and challenging task, as it defines the targets for a role. It also defines how those targets will be measured and how the performance of the role will be assessed. This template will help you create job descriptions for your organization faster.

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Key Benefits of Using This Project Job Description Template

  • Define the real purpose of the role
  • List the key responsibilities of the role
  • Define who this role will be reporting to
  • Create a detailed Organizational Chart
  • List the skills and experience needed
  • Define any relevant qualifications
  • Set out the key performance criteria
  • Identify the salary and working conditions

Included in this Project Job Description Template

  • A complete worked example of a Job Description
  • Instructions for every section within the document
  • A sample list of skills and experience needed
  • An Organization Chart diagram
  • Examples of key performance criteria
  • Lots of helpful hints and practical tips

This comprehensive template describes how to complete a detailed Job Description for any role in your organization with minimal effort. It also includes many practical, real-life examples to help you fill in the gaps, saving you time and energy.

Whether you need to create a management, project, or team role, this template has all the relevant sections and procedures needed to create a professional Job Description today.

Sneak Peek of our Project Job Description Template

What is a Project Job Description?

A Project Job Description defines the objectives and responsibilities of a particular role on a project. Completing a Job Description Template ensures the skills, experience, and qualifications needed to fulfill the role are clearly defined. A Job Description may also be called a “Position Description”.

When do I use a Project Job Description?

A Project Job Description should be completed every time a new role is identified. The Project Job Description should clearly state the objectives and responsibilities of the role and where it fits within the organizational structure. By clicking “Add to Cart”, you can immediately download a Project Manager Job Description for your project. It defines all of the responsibilities of a Project Manager, within a comprehensive Job Description Template.