Project Office Checklist Template for Project Managers

Project Office Checklist Template for Project Managers

This Project Office Checklist Template helps you to set up and run a Project Management Office (PMO) within an organization.
It lists the roles, equipment, standards, and processes needed to run a Project Management Office today.

Establishing a Project Management Office is a challenging task. You need to use the right PMO tools to support projects adequately and ensure project buy-in. This checklist helps you list the critical items to set up and run a Project Management Office quickly and efficiently.

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Key Benefits of Using This Project Office Checklist Template

  • Identify the right location for your PMO team
  • Ensure that you have the correct infrastructure
  • Procure the right PMO equipment and tools
  • Define the PMO roles and responsibilities
  • Put in place suitable standards and processes
  • Implement relevant project management templates
  • Offer Project Management Office services to projects.

Included in this Project Office Checklist Template

  • Examples of project roles, standards, and processes
  • A list of the project management templates required
  • Sets of questions to help you determine your PMO status
  • A list of PMO equipment items and services

This checklist lists the business critical tools required to run a professional and efficient Project Management Office environment. Whether you are setting up a PMO or you’re running a PMO currently, this checklist will help you ensure that you are providing a high level of support to projects.

Sneak Peek of our Project Office Checklist Template

What is a Project Office Checklist?

The Project Office Checklist lists everything you need to do, to set up a Project Management Office. A Project Management Office is the physical premises within which project staff (e.g. the Project Manager and support staff) reside. The Project Office also contains the communications infrastructure and technologies required to support the project. By using this ‘Project Office Checklist’ you will ensure you have all of the tools needed to operate your Project Office today.

When do I use a Project Office Checklist?

A Project Office Checklist helps you to establish and operate a Project Management Office. This Project Office Checklist contains a list of items to help you determine whether; the Project Office premises are fit for purpose, you have sufficient equipment available and whether all of the roles, standards and processes are in place within your Project Management Office environment.

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