Request For Information Template for Project Managers

Request For Information Template for Project Managers

This Request for Information Template provides everything you need to appoint suitable suppliers for your business.

It helps you create a Request for Information document by listing all the information suppliers need to give you to tell you about their business.

With this information, you will select a shortlist of suppliers and enter the Request for Proposal phase to choose your preferred supplier.

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Key Benefits of Using This Request For Information Template

  • Defining your supplier needs
  • Informing supplier of your procurement process
  • Specifying the rules and timeframes for engaging with suppliers
  • Selecting suppliers for your business

Included in this Request For Information Template

  • Helpful completion instructions
  • Pre-formatted sections and sample content
  • Practical, real-life examples

Using this Request for Information template will save time and effort as you won’t need to start from scratch. You can complete it to create a Request for Information for your business today.

Sneak Peek of our Request For Information Template

What is a Request For Information?

A Request for Information (or “RFI”) is a document that is issued to potential suppliers to allow them to take part in an “Invitation to Tender” process. It is a request for information from the supplier to help you decide whether or not to appoint them. Using this Request for Information template lets you complete the RFI process quickly and easily.

When do I use a Request For Information?

You need to issue a Request for Information whenever you want to contract an external supplier to your business. The document will explain to your supplier the information you need to help you with your supplier selection. This Request for Information template includes all sections, content, and examples you need to document a Request for Information today.

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