Businessmap Pricing Plans & Costs Guide

Businessmap (formerly Kanbanize) is a lean project management software for teams of all sizes and industries. It helps teams visualize and optimize activities to establish transparency and collaboration among members while managing their tasks and projects. Businessmap builds its foundation on the Kanban methodology, which focuses on visualizing work, limiting work in progress, and optimizing flow.

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How Much Does Businessmap Cost?

Businessmap pricing plans are flexible and scalable, catering to small, medium, and large enterprises. Generally, all plans include essential features that you can upgrade as your needs grow. Moreover, it offers a 14-day trial of the software and a product demo to assess if the tool fits your organization. The Businessmap pricing plans are as follows:

  • Businessmap Standard ($149 for 15 users, per month) – ideal for small to medium-sized teams and organizations needing basic features. Includes unlimited Kanban boards, swimlanes, card templates, integrations with other tools, reports, and analytics
  • Businessmap Enterprise (Contact Businessmap) – perfect for large enterprises that require a more comprehensive solution with enterprise-level support and features

Businessmap Standard Plan ($149 for 15 users per month)

The Businessmap Standard plan is for small to medium-sized teams aiming for enhanced project oversight and aligned planning with implementation. Specifically, it includes features for tracking progress toward goals and ensuring work is in alignment with strategic objectives. Basically, the Businessmap Standard plan starts at $149 for 15 users per month billed annually or $179 for 15 users per month billed monthly. Additional users are in groups of 5, with corresponding price increase also for additional rules and features.


  • Kanban Boards – Provides unlimited Kanban boards as visual representations of work items and their progress. Users can track tasks and move them across different stages.
  • Workspaces – Organize work using unlimited workspaces to allow teams to manage multiple projects or departments within a single tool.
  • User Limits – Up to 1,000 user licenses to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to this platform.
  • Initiatives Workflow – Provides a dedicated workflow for initiatives to allow teams to manage and track progress at a strategic level.
  • Outcomes/OKRs – Align work items and projects with desired outcomes or Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).
  • Project Forecasting – Leverage historical data and statistical models to provide estimates on project completion dates and resource utilization.
  • Teams – Create teams and assign specific permissions and access rights to facilitate collaboration.
  • Dependency Management – Manage and track task dependencies between work items to ensure that tasks are in the correct order.
  • Swimlanes – Provides horizontal board divisions to allow teams to organize and categorize work items based on priority, team, or project.
  • User Roles – Includes role-based access control for administrators to define different user roles and assign appropriate permissions and access levels.
  • Work in Progress Limits (per user, column, lane, cell, and CONWIP) – Supports Work in Progress (WIP) limits at various levels. Users can define limits at the user, column, lane, cell, and CONWIP
  • Cumulative Flow Diagram – Provides a Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD) to graphically represent work item distribution over time, identify bottlenecks, and track progress.
  • Cycle Time Charts – Provides cycle time charts that give insights into the efficiency of team processes.
  • Throughput Charts – Includes throughput charts that illustrate the number of work items completed over a specific period.
  • Monte Carlo Simulations – Simulations to forecast project completion dates and assess project risks.
  • Work in Progress Charts – Includes visual Work in Progress (WIP) charts that display the distribution of work items across workflow stages.
  • Blocker Dynamics – Provides insights into the number of blockers, their duration, and similarly its impact on the workflow.
  • Blocker Clustering – Group and categorize blockers based on common attributes or causes to identify recurring issues, understand their root causes, and implement targeted solutions.
  • Integrations – Integrates with various third-party tools and services to connect and exchange data seamlessly.
  • Card Templates – Create card templates that likewise serve as pre-defined structures for new work items.
  • Custom Fields – Create custom fields to capture additional information relevant to the projects or workflows.
  • Subtasks – Break down larger tasks further into smaller, manageable components to facilitate progress tracking and enable more detailed work planning.
  • Blockers and Stickers – Specifically flag work items with blockers or stickers to draw attention to critical problems and ensure prompt resolution.
  • Advanced Reporting – Generate custom reports, visualize data using charts and graphs, and analyze metrics such as cycle time, throughput, or WIP limits.
  • Excel/Google Sheet Import/Export – Import and export data from/to Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Self-serve Knowledge Base – Provides a self-serve knowledge base, which overall includes documentation, guides, tutorials, and FAQs.
  • Customer Support – Provides standard SLA and customer support services to assist users, especially with any technical or product-related issues they may encounter.
  • File Storage – Includes 100GB file storage capabilities to store and manage project-related documents and images and allow file attachments to work items.

Businessmap Enterprise Plan (Contact Businessmap)

The Businessmap Enterprise plan is for companies requiring robust security, comprehensive support, and catering to a global footprint. It includes advanced features such as multiple workspaces, custom analytics, portfolio management, time tracking, and program management. Contact the Businessmap Sales Team to receive custom quotes that will accommodate your specific organizational requirements.


  • User Limits – Allows unlimited users to access the tool.
  • Automation (Business Rules) – Add-on: Unlimited custom rules and triggers.
  • Customer Support – Provides enterprise SLA and customer support services.
  • Dedicated Cloud Instance – Includes dedicated cloud instances for organizations that require enhanced security, performance, or customization.
  • 24/7 Hotline – Reach out to technical experts or customer support representatives at any time, especially during critical situations or outages.
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager – Provides assistance with onboarding, guidance, and further help organizations maximize the value of using Businessmap.
  • IP Whitelisting – Specify a list of trusted IP addresses or ranges from which users can access the tool.
  • Training and Consulting – Includes free training sessions and consulting altogether to assist users in understanding the tool’s features and best practices for project management.
  • Migration from Other Tools – Provides accordingly free migration services for organizations transitioning from other project management tools.
  • File Storage– Includes 1TB file storage capabilities.


Businessmap is a flexible lean project management tool for various industries and businesses. There are several factors to consider when deciding which of the Businessmap pricing plans to choose. These are the number of users, features required, integrations, customer support, and budget constraints.

In essence, any organization that manages projects, tasks, and workflows can benefit from using Businessmap. It can enhance productivity and let users keep track of work progress. However, if you still have questions about choosing the software, you can read our Businessmap Pros and Cons article.

Source: Businessmap Pricing Official Website

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