1000+ Free CAPM Exam Questions to Practice Test

Passing the CAPM with specific CAPM Practice Exams will triple any exam takers’ chances. We have gathered a list of 5,017 questions that you can practice for free. The more questions you review, the better. What helps, though, is practice exams, so try to do as many as possible.

When to take the CAPM Exam

Remember to take notes when practicing CAPM questions and answers, especially regarding the mistakes you make. It’s okay to get them wrong, but you want to ensure you learn from your mistakes and avoid them in the actual exam. As a guideline when taking exam simulators:

CAPM Practice Exam Scored Over 70% –> We recommend score to sit for the CAPM exam confidently.
CAPM Practice Exam Scored Below 70% –> We don’t recommend a score to sit for the CAPM exam.

About CAPM®

Regardless of your career stage CAPM® is an asset that will help you stand out in the job market. It is the perfect introduction to standardized project management. It shows the employer that you are committed and dedicated to project management. It reveals your eagerness to learn and become more effective in your field. It speaks a lot about your credibility as an aspiring project manager.

Top 3 CAPM Exam Simulators

A benefit of the new PMI “Authorized Training Partners” program is that all ATPs get access to official CAPM Exam questions from PMI; hence, the updated simulators will provide a better sense of the type of questions you will be facing.

This is why we encourage you to consider selecting an exam simulator developed by an ATP organization to get proper training.

PM Exam Simulator Premium CAPM SimulatorIndustry-leading CAPM trainers who helped create the new PMP exam.5650$69
Masters of Project Academy CAPM SimulatorEnroll in CAPM Exam Simulator and get a 30 Day Refund Guaranteed9 1,350$49p/m
Whiz Labs CAPM Exam Simulator3M+ professionals and 100+ companies across the world to succeed in their careers with multitudes of courses across IT domain5750$39.95
Premium CAPM Practice Exam Simulators

CAPM Test Prep Video

Master of Project – FREE CAPM Questions and Answer

CAPM Study Materials

Process Exam – PMI CAPM Certification Exam

15 Top CAPM Exam Questions And Answers (Sample Test Questions)

CAPM Test Questions and Answers pdf

PMI CAPM Questions in PDF

List of Free CAPM Test Questions

SourceNumber of Questions
PM Prepcast Exam Simulator 7 Day Free Access to Premium Exam45 questions
Simplilearn – Free CAPM® Exam Prep Practice Test150 questions
KnowledgeHut – CAPM Practice Test (6 Practice Test Series)150 questions (25 questions per series)
Test Prep Training – Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Free Practice Test10 questions
Exam Topics – PMI CAPM Exam Actual Questions1102 questions
CAPM Exam Preparation (83 Test)830 questions (10 questions per test)
Pocket Prep – PMI CAPM® Exam Prep800 questions
Test Prep Preview – CAPM Practice Test15 questions
ITExams – Certified Associate in Project Management (PMI-100) (CAPM) Exam1103 questions
Certification Academy – CAPM Practice Exam25 questions
CertLibrary’s Certified Associate in Project Management (PMI-100) (CAPM) Exam1103 questions
Practice Quiz – CAPM Project Management Exam Prep37 questions
Certification Questions – PMI CAPM Certified Practice Test10 questions
CertDemy CAPM Practice Questions (5 Practice Test)150 questions (30 questions per test)
Examsnet – CAPM certification Practice Tests (9 Practice Test)450 questions (50 questions per test)

What is CAPM® vs PMP® Certification?

Both PMP® (Project Management Professional) and CAPM® (Certified Associate in Project Management) are PMI®(Project Management Institute) certifications. This article will compare CAPM and PMP and discuss their similarities and differences. In general, the PMP® is relevant to project managers who manage projects from start to finish.

The CAPM® is more suitable for people who participate in projects as sponsors, liaisons, coordinators or provide expertise in a subject matter. The CAPM® is a great way to get introduced to project management processes and techniques. The PMP® is an advanced certificate only suitable for project managers as the perquisites require experience in all project life-cycle areas.

Shane Drumm

Shane Drumm

Shane Drumm, holding certifications in PMP®, PMI-ACP®, CSM, and LPM, is the author behind numerous articles featured here. Hailing from County Cork, Ireland, his expertise lies in implementing Agile methodologies with geographically dispersed teams for software development projects. In his leisure, he dedicates time to web development and Ironman triathlon training. Find out more about Shane on shanedrumm.com and please reach out and connect with Shane on LinkedIn.

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