GitHub Pricing Plans & Costs Guide

GitHub is an online platform that utilizes Git for version control. It facilitates collaborative software development and code management. GitHub enables seamless collaboration, code hosting, and project management while fostering innovation across diverse programming communities.

How Much Does GitHub Cost?

GitHub pricing plans are scalable options for individuals, teams, and enterprises. It provides a balance of features and cost-effectiveness. The plans can meet diverse needs and also support the open-source community. The GitHub pricing plans are:

  • GitHub Free – suitable for individual developers and small teams with essential version control needs
  • GitHub Team (Begins at $3.67 per user, per month) – for medium to large teams and includes more collaboration and project management tools plus enhanced security.
  • GitHub Enterprise (Begins at $19.25 per user, per month) – for large enterprises with complicated workflows, enterprise-grade security, and priority support

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GitHub Free Plan

The GitHub Free plan is an entry point for individual developers and small teams. It includes essential version control features, collaborative tools, and public repositories for open-source projects. It is ideal for those initiating their coding journey or contributing to public repositories.


  • Unlimited public/private repositories – Public code repositories are visible and accessible to all users on GitHub for unlimited collaboration on open-source works.
  • Automatic security and version updates – Secures your software against potential attacks.
  • 2,000 CI/CD minutes per month – The Free plan provides 2,000 minutes per month of GitHub Actions and other continuous integration/delivery tools to build, test, and deploy projects.
  • 500MB of Packages Storage – GitHub Packages provides 500 MB of storage for hosting software packages.
  • Issues & Projects – Integrated project management that is flexible and versatile.
  • Community support – Developers get help from the GitHub community forums and discussions.
  • GitHub Copilot Access (add-on) – AI helper for writing code that allows developers to write faster and with fewer bugs.
  • GitHub Codespaces Access (add-on) – Provides cloud developer environments with everything preconfigured to start coding immediately.

GitHub Team Plan (Begins at $3.67 per user per month)

The GitHub Team plan is for medium to large teams with complex development workflows. It provides robust collaboration features, team management tools, code review workflows, and advanced security features. It facilitates seamless collaboration within larger groups, ensuring a smooth development process. Annual billing starts at $3.67 per user per month for the first year. It then increases to $4 per monthly user for the next subscription year. For monthly billing, the cost is a flat rate of $4 per user.


  • GitHub Codespaces Access – Provides free access from any device.
  • Protected branches – Admins can ensure collaborators get approval before merging changes.
  • Multiple Reviewers – Assign a team to review and approve changes to strengthen change oversight.
  • Draft Pull Requests – Developers can create pull request drafts to share proposed changes earlier for feedback before final approval.
  • Code owners – Key personnel approve the changes to the code they own before integration.
  • Required Reviewers – Require designated reviewers and code owners to compulsively sign off on pull requests before merging.
  • Pages and Wikis – Publish documentation and websites in a Wiki format for quick viewing and updating.
  • Environment Deployment –  Jobs will only have access to environment secrets when executed on their associated branches where they belong.
  • 3,000 CI/CD minutes per month
  • 2GB of Packages Storage
  • Web-based support – Get web-based technical troubleshooting and guidance from GitHub support.

GitHub Enterprise Plan (Begins at $19.25 per user per month)

The GitHub Enterprise plan is for organizations with extensive development needs. It provides a comprehensive suite of features, including advanced auditing, enterprise-scale security, and flexible deployment options. GitHub Enterprise ensures scalability and compliance with the stringent requirements of large enterprises. It is a strategic choice for mission-critical projects. Annual billing starts at $19.25 per user per month for the first year. It then increases to $21 per monthly user for the next subscription year. For monthly billing, the flat rate is $21 per user.


  • Enterprise Managed Users – Own and manage GitHub members through the same identity controls across the broader corporate ecosystem.
  • User provisioning through SCIM – Member access to the GitHub organization stays in sync with the central identity provider (IdP) through automated invites and removals.
  • Enterprise Account to centrally manage multiple organizations – Unified view and management of various GitHub organizations under a single administrative account.
  • Environment Protection Rules – Meet access controls and configured security policies before entering sensitive environments.
  • Repository Rules – Set customized workflows and policies around repository access and changes.
  • Audit Log API – Programmatically access detailed audit logs for monitoring and compliance reporting.
  • SAML SSO – Access GitHub resources from a single interface without re-authenticating via SAML Single Sign-on.
  • GitHub Connect – Seamless integration of GitHub Enterprise Server deployment and GitHub Enterprise Cloud for workflow sharing.
  • 50,000 CI/CD minutes per month
  • 50GB of Packages Storage
  • GitHub Advanced Security (add-on) – Automatic detection and resolution of vulnerabilities through notifications.
  • GitHub Premium Support (add-on) – A 30 min. SLA on Urgent tickets plus 24/7 web and phone support.


Team size, project scale, and security requirements are some of the critical considerations in selecting the right GitHub pricing plan. For individual developers or small teams, GitHub Free offers a cost-effective solution.

Larger teams will benefit from GitHub Team’s advanced collaboration tools and security features. Enterprises with complex workflows and heightened security demands will find GitHub Enterprise indispensable. However, choosing from among the GitHub pricing plans will still depend on the specific needs of the user or organization, which will determine the extent of team collaborations and the scale of its enterprise projects.

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Source: GitHub Pricing Official Website


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