How to Use AI Summarizer for Document Summarization?

Document summarization is the process that involves condensing lengthy text into a shorter one that still contains essential information and core concepts.

Summarizing manually can be hectic as you must read and comprehend the text several times. So, instead of doing it manually, use an online AI summarizer that can efficiently do the job for you.

What is an AI Summarizer?

An AI summarizer is a tool that utilizes AI algorithms to efficiently shorten any piece of text. Modern AI summarizers utilize cutting-edge advanced algorithms such as NLP, TextRank, LSA, and LSTM.

The tool’s operation is simple. It analyzes the input text, understands its context, extracts its main points, and then provides the output. It is quick to generate summaries. 

Steps to Use AI Summarizer to Summarize a Document Effectively

Here’s the step-by-step procedure for utilizing an online summarizing tool for document summarization.

1. Choose An AI-Based Tool

The first step before summarizing is to find a reliable tool that works on AI algorithms. There are hundreds of summarizers, but only a few work and utilize advanced AI technology. So, you have to find the AI summarizer, as it works more effectively.

If you don’t have time to look for a reliable AI-powered tool, then you can consider using any of the following tools:


It is a freemium AI summarizing tool that can summarize long text (up to 3,000 words) for free. It’s a multilingual tool and also provides two powerful modes.

Effectively understand the input text.Provide a cost
Generate abstractive summary.
Quickly generate the summary in seconds.

Wordvice AI Summarizing Tool

This is another freemium tool, but it requires registration (signup) first. The tool provides a 500-word limit, which is quite low but good for shorter documents. 

Effectively understand the input text.Only provide a 500-word limit for free users.
Generate abstractive summary.It doesn’t provide a feature to download the output.
Quickly generate the summary in seconds.Ask for registration first.

Sharly Text Summarizer

Sharly is an online platform where you can find several different tools, including a text summarizer. This tool is free for users but has some limitations. It also asks for a signup before using it.

The summary it generates is readable and to the point.Premium plans are pretty expensive.
The algorithms are based on the GPT modelPremium plans are quite expensive.
Allow users to write the prompt of what type of summary they want.

2. Upload Your Document

The next step is to import your text document into your chosen tool. The tool will extract the text from the file and input it in the box.

However, before uploading the file in the tool, you must check whether the word limit, as free tools provide it. For instance, if you choose the Summarizer from the above tools, it gives a 3,000-word limit in its free usage, whereas the Wordvice AI Summarizing Tool and Sharly Text Summarizer provide a 500 to 1,500-word limit.

So, before uploading the file, you must check its word limit.

Moreover, the tool accepts specific file formats such as:

  • DOC
  • DOCX
  • PDF
  • TXT

If your file isn’t on the list, convert it to the ones mentioned.

3. Select The Necessary Options

Now that your document has been uploaded to the AI summarizing tool, you must select the necessary options. These features will help you create a practical summary of the DOC file that you can use for any purpose.

The features are:

  1. Choose the correct language: Some AI summarizers support multiple languages. So, when summarizing the text in a specific language, you must choose that one from the tool’s options. 
  2. Adjust the summary length: Most summarizing tools provide a unique feature, the “summary length adjuster.” With the help of this feature, you’ll indicate to the tool that you want a summary within a specific word limit. The slider is in percentage ranges from 20% to 100%. You can adjust it according to the desired limit.
  3. Specify the keywords: Specific summarizing tools also provide a feature for choosing certain keywords to include in your summary. The tool extracts the most used keywords from the document text and displays them below the input box. You can choose any of them.
  4. Get The Output: After following the above steps, click the ” Summarize ” button or “Shorten the Text.” The tool will then start understanding the text, analyzing its context, following the requirements, and summarizing it accordingly.

You can then copy the summarized version of the document and use it wherever you want. Moreover, the summarizers can download the generated summary as DOC, TXT, or PDF files.

Final Words

That’s how you can summarize any document using an online AI summarizer. We have provided a detailed guide on using such tools effectively. You can follow the steps mentioned above, and the tool will generate the best outcome.

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