KanbanFlow Pricing Plans & Costs Guide

KanbanFlow is a web-based project management tool that uses the Kanban methodology to help teams organize and track their work. It includes features such as task and time tracking, team collaboration, customizations, and analytics to help teams improve their workflow. Kanbanflow is markedly simple and flexible, making it easy for teams to adapt to their specific needs.

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How Much Does KanbanFlow Cost?

KanbanFlow pricing plans are affordable and provide a range of features that can benefit teams of different sizes and needs. You can get a 14-day free trial of this business tool to evaluate the software for your organization. The two KanbanFlow pricing plans are:

  • KanbanFlow Free – for individuals and small teams who want to manage their projects easily using the basic task management and time-tracking features
  • KanbanFlow Premium ($5 per user, per month) – suitable for large teams that require enhanced features to help teams manage complex projects

KanbanFlow Free Plan

The KanbanFlow Free Plan is an excellent entry-level scheme that allows individuals or small teams to manage their tasks easily. It provides basic features such as a Kanban board, task management, time tracking, collaboration tools, and standard customer support. Users of the free plan can create an unlimited number of boards and tasks. They can also access the tool on multiple devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablet.


  • Kanban Board – Provides a visual Kanban board that allows teams to organize and track their work using cards or tasks.
  • Unlimited Boards – Create an unlimited number of boards to suit the specific requirements of the team or project.
  • Unlimited Tasks – Create as many tasks as needed to capture and manage all the work items.
  • WIP Limits – Set work-in-progress limits for each column on the Kanban board. Make sure the team focuses on completing tasks rather than starting too many simultaneously.
  • Recurring Tasks – Set up tasks to automatically regenerate at specified intervals, eliminating the need to recreate them manually each time.
  • Stopwatch Timer – Users can track the time spent on individual tasks.
  • Pomodoro Timer – Includes the Pomodoro timer to specifically facilitate this technique allowing users to work in focused bursts followed by short breaks.
  • Print View – Allows you to generate a printer-friendly version of your Kanban board or specific tasks.
  • Support Level – Includes standard customer support.

KanbanFlow Premium Plan ($5 per user per month)

The KanbanFlow Premium Plan includes enhanced functionalities to help large teams manage complex projects. Moreover, it provides users with added convenience, security, and control over their project management processes. The integrations with popular cloud storage platforms and automation tools further enhance collaboration and efficiency. The cost of this plan is $5 per user per month with a 10% discount for annual payments.


  • Swimlanes – Use swimlanes to categorize tasks based on different criteria, such as team members, project phases, or priority levels.
  • File Attachments – Attach files to tasks, enabling seamless collaboration and easy access to relevant documents or resources.
  • Custom Fields – Provides customizable fields that allow teams to capture additional information specific to their projects or workflows.
  • Task Numbering – Helps teams communicate and track tasks more effectively, especially in situations where verbal or written descriptions might lead to confusion.
  • Automatic Task Sorting – Automatically sort tasks based on specific criteria, such as due date, priority, or custom fields.
  • Relations – Establish dependencies or relationships between tasks.
  • Watch Columns – Monitor specific columns on the Kanban board for changes.
  • Mass Update – Make changes to multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Time Spent Report – Provides an overview of the time invested in different tasks or projects.
  • Excel and CSV Export – Export data likewise to Excel or CSV formats.
  • Cumulative Flow – Provides a visual representation of how tasks flow through different stages over time.
  • Cycle and Lead Time – Track cycle time and lead time for tasks.
  • Burndown – Includes a burndown chart that visually represents the progress of tasks over time.
  • Throughput – A chart that shows the team’s productivity and how many tasks they are completing within a given time frame.
  • Calendar – Display tasks and due dates in calendar view for a holistic view of the upcoming deadlines, milestones, and task schedules.
  • Due Date Performance – Provides insights into how well tasks are being completed within assigned deadlines and likewise identifying any recurring issues or bottlenecks.
  • Dashboard – Provides a customizable dashboard where users can have an overview of their projects, tasks, and relevant metrics.
  • Forecasting – Includes forecasting capabilities that help teams estimate the time it will take to complete their tasks or projects.
  • Revision History – Allows users to view and track modifications, in effect providing transparency and accountability in project management.
  • Add Tasks by Email – Send task details to a specific email address, and the tool automatically converts the email content into a task.
  • API & Webhooks – Allows users to integrate the tool with custom applications, automate processes, and exchange data with other systems.
  • Calendar Feed / iCal – Supports calendar feeds in the iCal format. Users can subscribe to the calendar feed accordingly and view their tasks, due dates, and more in their preferred calendar application.
  • Integrations – Integrates with popular cloud storage services, collaboration, and automation platforms seamlessly.
  • Two-Factor Authentication – Provides two-factor authentication (2FA) for an additional layer of security.
  • View-Only Permission Role – Set read-only access to boards and tasks so users cannot modify or make changes.
  • Custom Permission Roles – Create custom permission roles with specific access levels and permissions.
  • Backup Site – Maintains a backup site to ensure data redundancy and mitigate the risk of data loss.
  • Support Level – Includes priority customer support.


The KanbanFlow Free plan is ideal for individual users or small teams who only require basic features. On the other hand, the KanbanFlow Premium plan offers more advanced tools that make it suitable for larger teams and complex projects. Basically, it eliminates the challenges of managing multiple tasks, offers comprehensive analytics, and provides a platform for enhanced collaboration.

Some factors to consider when deciding which plan to use are team size, budget, features, workload, and duration of use. Weigh the costs and benefits of KanbanFlow pricing plans to determine the suitable option for your team and projects. KanbanFlow excels at displaying tasks and workflows visually, but some users find the UI a bit dated. If you need to evaluate the software deeper, check our KanbanFlow Pros and Cons along with other options.

Source: KanbanFlow Pricing Official Website


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