Tips for Choosing Team Members to Ensure Project Success

No matter what type of project you’re managing, you’re going to need the right team to support your efforts and ensure overall success. The right team members will help foster a smooth, successful project, but the wrong members on your team can spell defeat before the project even gets underway. Here are several important tips to help ensure that you are able to choose the right team members for your project.

1. Define the Needed Skills and Qualities

Long before you start interviewing or selecting people to add to your team, you need to know what skills and qualities will be critical to the success of your project. You’ll want to make sure that all of your team members are dependable and able to self-motivate. You’ll also want to ensure that they have a firm grounding in basics like using Gantt charts, critical path analysis, goal setting, and other crucial elements. Communication, creativity, supportiveness, and motivation are also key qualities here.

2. Avoid Conflict from the Beginning

Every person has their own individual likes, dislikes, pet peeves, and other issues. While there will most certainly be some sort of conflict during the course of the project, you can help streamline the entire process if you start off on the right foot. Make sure that the team members you select don’t have any preexisting conflicts with each other. There’s nothing to be gained by forcing two people that can’t stand each other to work together, even if they are the best suited for the team.

3. Interview, Interview, Interview

Once you have a list of potential candidates and you know the crucial skills that each team member must have, it’s time to begin interviewing. Remember; just because someone has the skill set you need and no existing conflicts with others, that doesn’t necessarily make them an ideal team member. There may be issues with availability between your team and the candidate’s existing department. There may be conflicts with their direct manager that prevent them from being part of your team. There may be unknown personality issues that aren’t apparent until you interview them. The point is that you have to conduct a full interview with each candidate for your team to ensure that they will be a good fit – skills aren’t enough to qualify someone off the bat.

4. Fully Explain Duties and Responsibilities

No team can function properly if every member does not understand his or her role and job responsibilities. You should also remember that they will often have to balance those responsibilities with those of their regular position, so some accommodation may need to be made during the project planning stage. Make sure you sit down with each team member and clearly outline what they have to do and what your expectations are for them.

With these tips and tricks, you can assemble a team that will work together well and ensures that there is no miscommunication going into the project.

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