Top 5 Reporting and Exporting Tools for Trello

Trello is a popular visual project management platform that allows people to plan, prioritize, and manage tasks. This free application helps keep projects on track, promotes collaboration, and empowers teams. It has a highly simplified system of boards, lists, and cards ideal for individuals and teams looking to work on any type of project. Some people use it to communicate through its comment features, while others use it as a tool for digital learning, agile product development, or editorial management.

The Top 5

Trello has grown steadily and gained a global following since its release. By 2017, it registered over 25 million users. With such a large base, it’s almost impossible to meet the needs and requirements of each subscriber. Although it’s simple to use, it has mainly concentrated on enhancing its core functionalities. However, new add-ons and integrations have been developed to enhance its capabilities and improve its less prioritized features. One of the most pressing issues is the need to have well-developed and easy-to-use reporting and exporting tools. Below are some 5 platforms that address the functions that aren’t present in Trello.

1. Bridge24 (strongly recommended)

Bridge24 is a tool that comes with powerful exporting and reporting features for Trello. A one-click dynamic connection merges the two apps instantly, allowing changes on one app to reflect on the other in real-time. This tool offers powerful reports critical for managing projects and various business tasks. Users can select pre-defined reports with ease, and present them in a top-quality printable format. It has a 2-level grouping that has extra columns including custom fields. For important reports, users can effortlessly create interactive charts to back different chart types. This tool’s functionalities range from advanced filters, quick addition of cards, attachments, and comments, drill down, sorting, and export to PDF. It also enables chart stacking for 2 variables, and you can export cards that contain comments and custom fields to spreadsheet and CSV formats. It’s also possible to export card history from a particular period. The tool also comes with a user-friendly grid, calendar, and board visuals.

2. Charts by Vizydrop

Charts by Vizydrop is a Trello extension that enables users to gather important information from their board’s data. This business intelligence Power-Up allows the user to explore data seamlessly. The tool comes with a library of pre-defined templates. To improve its functionality, it has charts that are loved by Trello users, including member card counts, lists comparisons, cards over boards by lists, dynamic over labels, and much more. This helps users to analyze data from different boards in one place. Charts by Vizydrop is free, and you can take advantage of it to build charts from tables, files, links, and other platforms.

3. Planyway Team Planner

Planyway Team Planner, a free Chrome add-on tool, helps users manage timelines and calendars. With it, individuals and teams are able to effectively visualize and manage their tasks, pending projects, and due dates on multiple boards. It helps users know whether they have enough capacity to complete a project and allows them to develop a roadmap to ensure they don’t fall behind deadlines. Planyway Team Planner can manage different boards, control due dates, and refine agile sprints. It has filters to allow users to concentrate on specific items. One can export to external calendars or connect to calendars by URL.

4. Corrello 

Corrello offers a highly visual interface for agile users. Although Trello is popular among Kanban and Scrum teams, it doesn’t provide the charts and analysis capabilities that are required. Agile teams turn to Corello instead of acquiring an extra project management tool. This platform offers burndown charts, cycle times, and cumulative flow diagrams. It’s affordable, and the pricing is $5 per user monthly or $48 per user annually. You can also take advantage of the two-week trial.

5. Ollert 

Ollert is a tool that helps reveals extra data that is usually accessible. This integration enables users to see the numbers and statistics on a card. For instance, users can view the average cards per member, the average members per card, the lists that contain the most cards, and the list which has the least completed cards. One can also learn how boards are progressing with charts like work in progress, card count per label, and cumulative flow diagram chart. Ollert is currently free. To use it, just connect to Trello and pick a board to view the numbers behind it.


Trello is a very flexible platform that allows you to integrate multiple extensions and Power-Ups to make it more complete. When combined with these additions, it can be effectively used in a wide range of situations, from simple work organization to highly complex project planning. It can be enhanced by various browser add-ons and online apps. For example, Plus for Trello is another helpful Chrome extension tool that can be used to complement Trello. It can create charts, track time, provide reports, export reports to Excel, CSV, or clipboards. More useful tools are still emerging, which is beneficial to both Trello and its user base.

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