Top 5 Trello Gantt Chart Add-ons

Trello is a popular project management application that helps individuals and teams to seamlessly plan and manage projects. It’s used to organize a wide array of tasks and projects of all sizes. Apart from its board, columns, and card functions, it has extra capabilities that enable one to create and allocate tasks, add comments, create labels, upload files, set deadlines, and more. Although it’s an essential project management tool, Trello doesn’t come with a Gantt chart. Fortunately, Trello can be integrated with many other platforms to make it more complete. Integrating it with a Gantt chart application will instantly enhance work management, teamwork, and workflow tracking.

The Top 5

Although Trello’s core features are simple, it’s still widely employed for complex project management. It allows users to incorporate extensions, add-ons, Power-Ups, and other additions to improve its capabilities. Diverse teams appreciate its flexibility, even those that don’t need additional functions like a Gantt chart. When it comes to managing and tracking projects, a Gantt chart is an excellent component to combine with Trello. Below are 5 chart integrations that work seamlessly with Trello.

1. Bridge24 (Classic Gantt Chart)

Bridge24 for Trello is an advanced tool that provides powerful reporting and exporting capabilities to extend Trello’s functionality. With Bridge24, users can visualize, filter, and update their data in Trello boards and cards with ease through different features like the Power Grid, Board, Calendar, and Gantt Chart views. With Trello’s Gantt chart view, users can view cards across all boards in a specific timeline and even use any date field as start dates and end dates. Users can also filter and update their cards, display cards without dates, expand or collapse groupings by board or list, and even export their Gantt Chart to PDF format. With Bride24, users can also generate other interactive workflow or project charts to help them get more insights from their data at a glance. Modifying data is easy for collaborating teams as changes are synched instantly on both Bridge24 and Trello. You can also create customized reports and print them in high-quality formats or export them to PDF or Excel format.

2. Placker 

Placker is a cloud-based task management platform that works flawlessly with Trello. It enables users to import Trello boards into Placker, which can display the numbers behind the boards in various ways. Its board view is identical to Trello’s, but it comes with a Grant chart view for displaying the information contained in boards, lists, and cards. Using the grant chart, one can revise the start and due dates, make dependencies, and adjust the percentage of work completed. Any update on Trello or Placker synchronizes instantly on both platforms. Apart from Trello, this tool can also import from an Excel spreadsheet. Users can get this integration through the Chrome extension.

3. Taskworld

Taskworld is a work management tool with a broad set of functions. It can export Trello boards and cards in just a few clicks. Users can go to its Workspace control by clicking on its button on the upper right corner. From here, they can choose the import tab and then click the control to upload the Trello JSON file. It features an in-built function that will instantly import the Trello data right into Taskworld’s workspace. The imported project data can then be presented in a Gantt chart or views like list view, Timeline view, interactive dashboard overview, burn down/up charts view, and others.

4. Elegantt

Elegantt is a tool that produces Gantt charts for a user’s Trello boards. To incorporate it as a Power-Up, the user just needs to enable it as an add-on, allow integration, and choose the board you want to be displayed as a Gantt chart. This tool allows users to effortlessly visualize what project participants are doing on the board. It also has extended features like the start/end and start/due views. Cards can also be filtered by labels. To benefit from the interactive functionalities of a Gantt chart, users will first have to add the Chrome extension. Otherwise, you will be limited to the read-only mode.

5. Ganttify 

Ganttify is a free Gantt chart add on for your Trello projects. It integrates directly on your Trello boards and only takes a few easy steps to install. Start by registering a Ganttify account, authorize the connection to Trello, and then pick the board you want to transform to a Gantt chart. Ganttify uses the same technology used by Tom’s Planner, a cloud project planning tool. The add-on also enables users to share, save, and print their charts. It can also be used with a Google calendar or Basecamp project. 


Trello is a powerful, top-tier online project management application used to organize work, empower collaborative teams, and track work progress. It’s a very flexible and user-friendly software that readily works with multiple 3rd party tools. Users have the freedom to transform and upgrade it using various extensions, Power-Ups, and add-ons. These integrations help to boost its capabilities and convert it into a high-level work management platform, equipped with Gantt charts. Users should take advantage of these additional integrations to boost the functionality of their Trello application.

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