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Twitter X is the rebranded identity of Twitter, a popular social media platform that lets users post short messages called “tweets.” Globally active users and audiences have transformed Twitter X into a major communication and news distribution player. It aims to cater to the evolving needs of social media enthusiasts, businesses, and influencers. It emphasizes user customization, advanced analytics, and exclusive content.

How Much Does Twitter X Cost?

Twitter X pricing is reasonable for the features included in their paid plans. The free plan is ideal for casual usage, while the X Premium tiers provide enhanced features and functionality. Additional cost for its verification service is for confirming legitimacy and reducing spam or bot activity. The four Twitter X pricing plans include the following:

  • Free Plan – Offers users a range of features, providing an accessible and inclusive platform for basic social interaction and information sharing
  • Twitter X Basic ($32 per year) – Provides advanced tools for content creation and customization
  • Twitter X Premium ($84 per year) – Includes reduced ads and more enhanced applications for managing content, verification of accounts, and content monetization.
  • Twitter X Premium+ ($168 per year) – The absence of ads in select timelines and access to advanced analytics and content management tools

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Free Plan

The free Twitter X plan provides users an accessible entry point into the platform. It allows individuals from diverse backgrounds to engage in real-time conversations. Users can share updates and stay connected with a global audience. This foundational tier serves as the bedrock of Twitter X’s user experience. It fosters a dynamic and democratic space where users can express their thoughts and ideas in 280 characters or less.


  • Profile Creation – Create user profiles to establish a virtual identity.
  • Tweeting – Post short messages of 280 characters or less for concise expression.
  • Real-Time Conversations – Communicate in real-time through breaking news, live events, and spontaneous discussions.
  • Personal Timeline – Curate and share content reflective of user interests, experiences, and perspectives.
  • Global Timeline – Access broad Twitter X timelines to discover content from the accounts that users follow.
  • Retweeting – Amplify content by reposting tweets for the propagation of information.
  • Engagement with Diverse Voices – Engage with diverse voices for a rich and varied digital conversation.

Twitter X Basic Plan ($32 per year)

Twitter X’s Basic plan is for social media enthusiasts to start their niche as influencers. Users can have longer tweets and videos to save and bookmark for future use. They can also enjoy editing posts and customizing the app for their branding or niche for more efficient content creation. Twitter X Basic plan costs $32 for annual payments or $3 if billed monthly.


  • Editing Posts – Provides 1 hour to make minor adjustments to original posts or quotes.
  • Longer Posts – Compose longer tweets of up to 25,000 characters per post.
  • Longer Videos – Upload videos of up to 3 hours and up to 8GB file size (1080p) (only on and X for iOS)
  • Communities – Create public forums with discussions about a specific area of interest.
  • Custom App Icons – Choose among icons and theme colors for your X app.
  • Bookmarking – Create and manage bookmark folders.
  • Reply Prioritization – Get high rankings in conversations and searches.

Twitter X Premium Plan ($84 per year)

Twitter X Premium plan is for organizations and influencers who want to have a verified account. This plan provides access to Media Studio and X Pro for managing content. Eligible users enjoy enhanced features like reduced ads and monetization.  Twitter X Premium plan costs $84 for annual billing or $8 when billed monthly.


  • Blue Checkmark – Eligible profiles get a badge signifying the authenticity of their accounts.
  • Ads Revenue Sharing – Eligible users earn from ads associated with the engagement generated.
  • Creator Subscriptions – Verified users get paid as Twitter X earns from the subscriptions of their followers.
  • Reduced Ads – Up to 50% fewer ads for eligible users in the For You and Following timelines.
  • Reply to Verified-Only Posts – Users can limit replies to verified accounts only.
  • Ability to hide checkmark – Hide the blue checkmark on your profile and posts.
  • ID verification – Verify your account by providing valid government-issued IDs.
  • Access to Media Studio – Manage the images and videos you create.
  • Access to X Pro – Access multiple timelines with real-time refresh and other premium tools.

Twitter X Premium+ Plan ($168 per year)

Twitter X Premium+ plan is for businesses, governments, nonprofit organizations, and influencers. This plan has access to Grok, the AI chatbot of xAI that aims to entertain and engage users. Users can also be a part of the Verified Organizations, subject to eligibility. Twitter X Premium+ plan costs $168 per year or $16 monthly.


  • Ads-free Experience – No ads in the For You and Following timelines.
  • Reply Prioritization – A higher priority for reply rankings in conversations to improve visibility.
  • Grok – Access to Grok AI chatbot.
  • Verified Organizations – Businesses, governments, and nonprofits on Twitter X can get affiliated with a gold or grey checkmark, premium support, impersonation defense, and more.


Twitter X represents a bold step towards redefining the Twitter experience. Users get a range of premium features and content curation in the different Twitter X pricing plans. Whether you’re an individual user looking for enhanced personalization or a business seeking advanced analytics, the Twitter X pricing model offers flexibility and value for a more enriched social media journey.

There is a significant shift in Twitter’s business model as the platform looks to diversify revenue streams beyond advertising. The Premium Twitter X pricing plan launch also caters to Twitter X’s power users and creators. Users have more control and ways to monetize their content. Consequently, the new premium features and advantages bring disadvantages as well.

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Source: Twitter X Pricing Official Website


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