Zendesk Pricing Plans & Costs Guide

Zendesk is a customer service software and sales CRM that enables businesses to communicate effectively and efficiently with their customers. Users can store and manage customer information, track customer interactions, and maintain a historical record of customer support activities.

This cloud-based platform provides email support, messaging, chat, phone support, social media support, and more. Zendesk supports businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.

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How Much Does Zendesk Cost?

Zendesk Suite – Customer Service Software

Highly customizable Zendesk pricing plans allow businesses to pay only for the needed features. Zendesk Suite pricing plans include:

  • Zendesk Suite Team ($49 per agent, per month) – for small teams that require essential customer service features
  • Zendesk Suite Growth ($79 per agent, per month) – for growing businesses that need more advanced customer service capabilities
  • Zendesk Suite Professional ($99 per agent, per month) – for mid-sized to large companies needing more advanced support features.
  • Zendesk Suite Enterprise (Contact Zendesk) – for large organizations with the most complex and robust customer service demands
  • Zendesk Suite Enterprise Plus (Contact Zendesk) – perfect for very large businesses with features that ensure high-quality and uninterrupted customer support experiences

Zendesk Suite Team Plan ($49 per agent per month)

The Zendesk Suite Team plan includes ticketing management, a knowledge base, live chat bots, and pre-built integrations. These features help teams communicate and collaborate effectively with customers. It costs $49 per agent per month, billed annually, or $59 per agent monthly.


  • Streamlined workflows for agents to efficiently track, prioritize, and resolve customer queries.
  • Multiple communication channels, including email, chat, voice calls, social messaging platforms, and more.
  • A self-service knowledge base where customers can access helpful resources to reduce support ticket volumes.
  • Bots that handle 24/7 support via email, ticket forms, live chat, and messaging.
  • Prebuilt analytics dashboards that offer insights into operational metrics and customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Access to over 1,000 pre-built integrations to connect Zendesk Suite.

Zendesk Suite Growth Plan ($79 per agent per month)

Zendesk Suite Growth plan is for growing businesses that need SLA management, CSAT functionality, business hours, and multilingual support. It costs $79 per agent per month, billed annually, or $99 per agent monthly.


  • Customizable multiple ticket forms to capture specific information from customers.
  • Limited access to read tickets and collaborate by adding internal notes and comments.
  • SLA management capabilities allow businesses to set specific response and resolution time targets for different ticket priorities.
  • Built-in CSAT functionality, allowing support teams to send out post-interaction surveys to customers and collect feedback.
  • Multilingual support and content for customers.
  • A self-service customer portal to find answers to queries and resolve common issues.
  • Define operating hours and ensure that customers are aware of support availability.

Zendesk Suite Professional Plan ($99 per agent per month)

Zendesk Suite Professional plan is for larger businesses that require more advanced support features. It includes unlimited reporting and analytics and Advanced AI add-on capabilities. It costs $99 per agent per month, billed annually, or $125 per agent monthly.


  • Customization of reports, analytics, and dashboards to track and analyze key support metrics based on specific needs.
  • Internal discussions among agents to seek advice or share information without leaving the ticket thread.
  • Ticket routing for the most appropriate agents based on skills and expertise.
  • Integrated community forums, providing businesses with a platform to engage customers and build a collaborative support community.
  • Flexibility to choose the location where customer data will reside. HIPAA Compliance for organizations in the healthcare industry or those handling sensitive medical data.
  • Access to Sunshine Conversations enables businesses to engage with customers across multiple messaging channels.
  • Option to add the Advanced AI add-on for advanced machine learning capabilities like bots for sophisticated automation.

Zendesk Suite Enterprise Plan (Contact Zendesk)

Zendesk Suite Enterprise plan features include custom roles and permissions, sandbox testing, AI-powered content cues, and reusable content blocks. Contact Zendesk to request a custom quote.


  • Sandbox testing environment.
  • AI-powered content cues that offer real-time suggestions and guidance to support agents.
  • Reusable content snippets for various support interactions.
  • Custom agent roles management to define granular permissions and access levels based on organizational requirements.
  • Up to 20 active workspaces and up to 10 conditions for contextual workspaces.

Zendesk Suite Enterprise Plus Plan (Contact Zendesk)

Zendesk Suite Enterprise Plus plan is for organizations needing to fine-tune support processes, scale operations, and safeguard against unforeseen events. Contact Zendesk to request a quote for this comprehensive solution.


  • Robust sandbox environment for testing, optimization, and change management.
  • The highest API rate limits are available.
  • Enhanced disaster recovery capabilities to ensure continuity and protection of support operations.

Zendesk Sell – Sales CRM

Flexible Zendesk Sell pricing plans give businesses the options that best suit their needs and budget. The Zendesk Sell pricing plans are:

  • Zendesk Sell Team ($19 per agent per month) – for small teams that need basic sales CRM software
  • Zendesk Sell Growth ($49 per agent per month) – for growing businesses needing a CRM tool to nurture contacts
  • Zendesk Sell Professional ($99 per agent per month) – for mid-sized to large companies that need to manage leads, clients, and deals
  • Zendesk Sell Enterprise (Starts at $150 per agent, per month) – for large organizations to customize unlimited sales pipelines

Zendesk Sell Team Plan ($19 per agent per month)

Zendesk Sell Team plan is perfect for small teams looking for a simple yet robust CRM solution. It costs $19 per agent per month, billed annually, or $25 per agent monthly.


  • Customize up to 2 sales pipelines for teams to manage different types of sales processes.
  • Sync email conversations and calendar events directly within the Zendesk Sell platform.
  • Set appointment dates for leads, contacts, and deals, and assign tasks to team members.
  • Includes logging and recording of calls and text messages.
  • Provides built-in sales dashboards to visually represent key sales metrics and performance indicators.
  • A Core API to manage Zendesk Sell data when performing operations such as creating, reading, updating, and deleting data.

Zendesk Sell Growth Plan ($49 per agent per month)

Zendesk Sell Growth plan is suitable for growing businesses. It costs $49 per agent per month, billed annually, or $59 per agent monthly.


  • Customize up to 10 sales pipelines.
  • Extend capabilities with Core and Premium APIs, which provide additional access to Sync, Firehose, and Search.
  • Create and manage a catalog of products and associated pricing information.
  • Build custom reports for in-depth analysis and data-driven decision-making.
  • Sales forecasting and goals tracking features to help businesses set and track sales targets.
  • Create new leads and contacts and nurture existing ones.

Zendesk Sell Professional Plan ($99 per agent per month)

Zendesk Sell Professional plan is ideal for mid-sized to large companies. It costs $99 per agent per month, billed annually, or $125 per agent monthly.


  • Customize up to 20 sales pipelines.
  • Define a scoring system to prioritize leads and deals with the highest potential, increasing efficiency and conversion rates.
  • Set up automated workflows and triggers to automatically create tasks and assign them to specific users.
  • Define granular user roles and permissions and grant specific access rights to different individuals or teams within the organization.
  • Build a company hierarchy to identify parent and child accounts, linking related companies together.

Zendesk Sell Enterprise Plan (Starts at $150 per agent per month)

Zendesk Sell Enterprise plan is for large organizations with complex sales processes. It costs $150 per agent per month, billed annually, or $199 per agent monthly.


  • Customize unlimited sales pipelines.
  • Send as many targeted and timed emails as needed to nurture contacts effectively.


Zendesk pricing plans are highly customizable and allow businesses to pay only for the needed features. Businesses can also upgrade or downgrade plans according to their requirements, making it easy to scale as the business grows. Zendesk pricing plans for both Sell and Suite tools provide good value for money and cater to businesses of all industries. Its flexible plans are attractive for companies seeking a reliable and scalable customer service toolset and CRM solutions. You may also read our Zendesk Pros and Cons article for additional insight.

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