Top 8 Best PDF Software to Enhance Business Productivity

PDF programs have been a hit for several years on many platforms: desktop, online, and mobile phones; they are often used to open, edit, and manage PDF files in a single place. They help organize processes, control them, and significantly shorten the time needed for PDF integration. In a small company, saving time and work is essential. Thanks to them, your file management task will be better, faster, and more effective.

How can PDF software be useful for small businesses?

Increased productivity It has long been said that employee productivity remains unchanged for a few hours. Moreover, most people remain highly productive for a short period. The use of PDF software in business can change this.

A pro PDF program will help you automate many tasks, freeing your employees’ time to focus on more complex, strategic tasks. Using AI systems such as ChatGPT, you can also improve the performance of repetitive tasks, such as translations and data analysis. In this way, you will enhance the commitment of your team, which will be freed from repetitive, often tedious, time-consuming tasks.

PDF software: The best of them

Here are some easy-to-use and compelling programs for managing PDFs. The article includes eight PDF programs and application proposals and describes their essential functions.

1. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe’s Acrobat is a complete solution for working with PDF documents on your computer. The program makes everyday PDF tasks easier and offers many features to improve your productivity.

Main features:

  • Instantly edit scanned documents
  • Create protected PDF documents
  • Edit both text and images in a PDF document
  • Export PDF documents
  • Work with Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive
  • Sign Everything

2. SwifDoo PDF for Windows

SwifDoo PDF for Windows and its special value-added services provide you with a complete set of tools necessary to convert, edit and sign PDF files, as well as translate and manage your PDFs with AI-powered integration.

Main features:

  • Creating PDF files
  • Editing PDF documents
  • Signing and obtaining signatures
  • Combining several PDF files into one
  • Compressing PDFs
  • Add interactive elements to PDF(such as add a GIF)

Highlighted feature: Recognizing text in a scanned file

Editing scanned PDF files is a feature that makes working with SwifDoo PDF extremely easy. In files initially viewed as images, the program can extract a sentence or paragraph and save it in a form that can be freely edited. Moreover, it allows you to search for specific words.

The processed document in SwifDoo can be saved as a text, Excel, or Word file. This allows you to edit text and images in a well-known program. The OCR function makes editing a PDF file with external flexibility possible.

3. Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF Editor is an interactive PDF creator that allows you to create attractive and informative PDF files. It can also create PDF files that contain multimedia elements such as videos, images, and audio, as well as interactive elements such as forms and surveys.

Main features:

  • Create PDF files from any application
  • Convert files to text or image format
  • Preview any PDF files
  • Compare PDF documents
  • Add, edit, and delete text and objects

4. Nitro PDF Pro

Nitro PDF Pro provides every company with what is expected from a professional PDF editor. It lets you quickly and easily create, edit, and secure PDF documents.

Main features:

  • PDF Editor
  • PDF Creator
  • Possibility of OCR text recognition
  • File and page organization

5. Smallpdf

People looking for a quick and hassle-free PDF editing tool should focus on an online PDF editor like Samllpdf. The program allows you to edit PDF documents from a web browser, but this solution will enable you to bypass the need to install the software on your computer.

Main Features:

  • Compressing PDF
  • PDF converter
  • PDF editing
  • Reader
  • Page numbering
  • Deleting specific pages from a file

6. iLovePDF

iLovePDF is another tool available online. The application has a whole range of functions necessary for PDF editing. We can quickly and conveniently upload a PDF file online without downloading additional software and then process it by selecting one of the tiles available on the website.

Main Features:

  • edit PDF
  • PDF Combining
  • PDF Splitting
  • PDF Unlocking
  • Securing PDF
  • PDF scanning

7. PDF Expert for iPhone and iPad

While working with the renowned PDF Expert on my iPhone 15, I was captivated by one more thing. The program allows you to create documents in this format from scratch and has a very flexible interface. Thanks to this, each person can adapt it to their requirements.

Main Features:

  • Content editing
  • Brilliant interface
  • Securing PDF
  • Smooth forms

8. Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor is an Android application that makes organizing and managing business PDF files more accessible. Teams can collaborate on various projects, and with multiple integration options, many tasks that would otherwise have to be done manually can be automated.

Main features:

  • PDF reading
  • PDF editor
  • Interactive elements
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Useful additional functions

Summary – which PDF software should you choose for your business?

If you don’t know which PDF program to choose, choose one that is free and has no project limit and start working on it. Over time, you’ll notice the missing features and options—maybe you’ll find them in another program. Don’t install them all at once; it’s a waste of time.

It’s better to get used to one application, check how it works, test it, see what doesn’t fit and what’s missing, and look for something better. For me, SwifDoo PDF is currently a brilliant place to start. First of all, we can access it for up to 7 days at a time for a free trial. The application works efficiently, quickly, and smoothly, and you can work with more file formats, such as PNG to ICO.

It also allows you to use its free online PDF converters on an ongoing basis, so it is perfect, for example, for random PDF conversion tasks. If you use a specific PDF program, tell us whether you recommend it and why, and which features you particularly like.


Daniel Raymond

Daniel Raymond, a project manager with over 20 years of experience, is the former CEO of a successful software company called Websystems. With a strong background in managing complex projects, he applied his expertise to develop and, innovative project management tools designed to streamline processes and improve productivity. Throughout his career, Daniel has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence and a passion for empowering teams to achieve their goals.

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