DocuSign Pricing Plans & Costs Guide

DocuSign is a digital platform that allows for the secure and efficient signing and exchanging of documents, transforming how organizations handle agreements and contracts. The platform provides a reliable and efficient alternative to traditional paper-based documentation. DocuSign for eSignature is the core product of DocuSign. It enables businesses to streamline their document approval processes, ensures the authenticity of e-signatures, and facilitates the handling of agreements and contracts.

How Much Does DocuSign Cost?

DocuSign pricing plans for eSignature offer comprehensive features like workflow automation and integration. It is a one-stop solution for document management needs. The tiered structure enables businesses to start with a lower-cost plan and scale up as their requirements grow. Before committing to any plan, you can use DocuSign for a trial period of 30 days. The DocuSign pricing plans include the following:

  • Personal ($10 per month) – ideal for individual users with basic electronic signature needs
  • Standard ($25 per user, per month) – for small and medium-sized businesses offering enhanced features like workflow automation
  • Business Pro ($40 per user, per month) – suitable for larger enterprises, providing advanced features such as enhanced form fields and power forms for more complex document processes.
  • Enhanced (Contact DocuSign) – for organizations with extensive document management requirements, enhanced security and compliance features

In addition to the eSignature platform, DocuSign has separate plans for DocuSign eSignature for Real Estate and DocuSign Developer API. These are targeted for realtors and developers, respectively.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive project management tool, check out AceProject. All features, including document sharing, versioning, and locking, are accessible in all its plans. Moreover, it is not priced based on the number of users, which leads to significant cost savings.

DocuSign Personal Plan ($10 per month)

The DocuSign Personal plan is suitable for individuals with basic electronic signature needs. It allows users to send documents for signature, including basic recipient authentication features. The Personal plan offers a cost-effective solution for those with straightforward electronic signature requirements. It costs $10 per month if billed annually or $15 monthly.


  • Number of Send Documents – Includes up to 5 sends per month. One send can contain an unlimited number of documents and recipients. 
  • Reusable Templates – Create and save templates, including custom fields for your agreements.
  • Reporting – Customize and download custom reports to gain insights into document activity.

DocuSign Standard Plan ($25 per user, per month)

The DocuSign Standard plan is for professionals and small to medium-sized teams. It offers features that enhance employee productivity, cross-team collaboration, and the credibility of businesses. The Standard plan includes shared admin settings, shared templates, a shared repository for storing signed documents, enhanced signing experiences, and team management. DocuSign Standard plan costs $25 per month per user if billed annually, or $45 per month per user if billed monthly.


  • Add Multiple Users – Add up to 50 users in your team to work on your agreements.
  • Shared Templates – Share templates with team members for uniformity in document creation.
  • Collaborative Commenting – Leave comments and annotations for real-time feedback and discussion.
  • Customized Branding – Personalize your email notifications and web pages, to include your logo and theme design.

DocuSign Business Pro Plan ($40 per user, per month)

The DocuSign Business Pro plan is ideal for larger enterprises with more extensive document management needs. The Business Pro Plan provides PowerForms and advanced form fields for document customization. It also includes DocuSign Administrator tools for managing users and permissions. DocuSign Standard plan costs $40 per month per user if billed annually or $65 per month per user if billed monthly.


  • Signer Attachments – Attach documents or information to support the signing process.
  • Formulas & Advanced Fields – Create dynamic documents using calculations and conditional fields.
  • PowerForms – Create self-service forms for external parties to sign outside of DocuSign.
  • Bulk Send – Send unique documents to multiple recipients in a single batch.
  • Payments – Receive payments within the DocuSign platform for transactions with document signing.

DocuSign Enhanced Plan (Contact DocuSign)

The DocuSign Enhanced plan is for organizations with complex, high-volume, sophisticated document workflows. It includes enhanced security and compliance features, suitable for industries with strict regulatory standards. This also offers advanced reporting and analytics, advanced customization options, and a dedicated customer success manager. Contact DocuSign to personalize a pricing plan that adapts to the requirements of your business.


  • Add Multiple Users – Add more than 50 users to your team for enhanced collaboration.
  • Manage Data Across Accounts – Organize data, generate reports, and control account settings.
  • 24/7 Live Support – 24//7 phone, email, or chat support, including a dedicated account manager to assist users.
  • Identification and Authentication – Robust verification and authentication of recipients and agreements.
  • Address Compliance Obligations – Custom configurations include user authentication, signing requirements, and account access restrictions.
  • SSO – Efficient user management and security by integrating DocuSign with SSO.
  • Customize with Integrations – Integrate with more than 400 tools for digital transactions.
  • Multichannel Delivery – Deliver documents with SMS or WhatsApp notifications.


DocuSign offers a comprehensive solution for organizations. It is for businesses seeking to digitize and streamline their document workflows. DocuSign is easy to use, reliable, and secure. It is also compatible with industry standards and compliances, such as HIPAA, ESIGN Act, FedRAMP, and 21 CFR Part 11.

However, one of the main disadvantages of DocuSign is its cost, which can be a barrier for small businesses or individuals. Some users find it less user-friendly, especially for recipients unfamiliar with internet technology.

Unlike its competitors, DocuSign is generally recognized and utilized, and it provides more than 400 integrations and a host of other products to support e-signature capabilities. DocuSign pricing plans are also scalable for businesses of all sizes. For a balanced perspective, read our article Top 10 Cons & Disadvantages of Using DocuSign.

Source: DocuSign Pricing Official Website


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