Hive Pricing Plans & Costs Guide

Hive is a project management and collaboration tool designed to help teams optimize workflows, improve productivity, and enhance collaboration. It provides a centralized platform where teams can plan, track, and manage their projects, tasks, and resources effectively.

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How Much Does Hive Cost?

Hive pricing plans offer various features and functionalities that enable teams to work together efficiently. Hive offers a 14-day free trial and a product demo to give interested parties the information they need before subscribing. The three Hive pricing plans include the following:

  • Hive Free – for small teams or individuals to manage light projects and collaborate effectively.
  • Hive Teams ($12 per user, per month) – ideal for businesses that implement multiple projects and need enhanced collaboration, organization, and productivity
  • Hive Enterprise (Contact Hive) – perfect for very large organizations and teams that require customization, scalability, and advanced features and capabilities

Hive Free Plan

The Hive Free plan provides essential project management and collaboration features. It is suitable for small teams or individuals looking to streamline how they manage their tasks and projects. While it has some limitations in storage and the number of team members, it offers a solid set of tools.


  • File Storage – Provides users up to 200MB of space for storing essential project files and documents.
  • Collaboration – Invite up to 10 teammates to collaborate on projects within the platform. This feature facilitates teamwork and allows for effective coordination on tasks and projects.
  • Unlimited Tasks – Manage and organize your work effectively without any constraints on the number of tasks.
  • Note Creation and Sharing – Create as many notes as needed and share them with internal or external teammates. Notes provide a space to capture and share information, ideas, or instructions.
  • Multiple Views – View your work in different ways. Easily switch between views such as Kanban boards, list views, or calendars. This flexibility helps you organize and visualize your tasks according to your preferences.
  • Hive Mail – Respond to, send, and attach emails to action cards within the platform. Consolidate information and keep everything related to a project in one place.
  • Multi-Device Access – Access Hive across all devices, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. This allows you to manage your tasks and projects from anywhere, providing flexibility and convenience.
  • Communication – Includes direct messaging, group messaging, and threaded conversations to facilitate collaboration. These allow team members to stay on the same page, exchange ideas, and discuss project details.

Hive Teams Plan ($12 per user per month)

The Hive Teams plan offers a comprehensive set of features that promote effective teamwork, streamlined project management, and efficient communication. Optimize collaboration within your team and with external stakeholders. It also includes integration to simplify file management and ensure easy access to relevant documents. This costs $12 per user per month billed annually or $18 per user per month billed monthly.


  • File Storage – Provides unlimited storage space, ensuring that team members can store and access their files without storage capacity limits.
  • Team Collaboration – Invite as many teammates as needed to collaborate on projects. Scale your team and manage costs based on the number of users.
  • Customizable Workspace – Tailor Hive to your team’s specific needs by adding functionalities like analytics, resourcing, timesheets, proofing, and more.
  • External Collaboration – Allow external stakeholders to participate in projects, provide feedback, and collaborate seamlessly with your team. Manage their access permissions, ensuring the right level of information sharing and security.
  • Hive Forms – Optimize client intake, project requests, and employee onboarding by creating customized forms and sharing them with anyone using a link. Simplify the collection of information and feedback, and make it accessible to anyone who needs to provide input.
  • Time Tracking – Includes native time tracking functionality across different tasks and projects. It provides insights into productivity, resource allocation and helps identify areas for improvement.
  • Cloud Storage Integration – Integrates with popular cloud storage services seamlessly. Connect your preferred cloud storage accounts to easily attach files to actions and projects.
  • Zoom and Slack Integration – Integrates with Zoom and Slack for seamless communication, information sharing, and collaboration across platforms, enhancing team productivity and efficiency.

Hive Enterprise Plan (Contact Hive)

The Hive Enterprise plan provides advanced features, security controls, and dedicated support for comprehensive collaboration and project management capabilities. It also enables you to leverage your in-app data to transform your workflow. Contact the Hive team for custom pricing and ensure the platform aligns with your project management processes and workflow requirements.


  • Access Monitoring – Monitor and control access to specific parts of Hive, including projects and actions. The enhanced security allows you to manage permissions and ensure that the right people have access to the appropriate information.
  • Enhanced Security and Permission Controls – Includes robust security features and advanced permission controls. This ensures the protection of sensitive data and confidential information. Control who can view, edit, and manage various aspects of the workspace.
  • Custom Analytics and Reporting Dashboards – Custom analytics and reporting dashboards let you gain deeper insights into your team’s performance, project metrics, and other key indicators.
  • Training for New Teammates – Includes comprehensive training resources for new teammates that are available anytime, anywhere. Allow new members to quickly get updates on the new features and functionalities.
  • One-on-One Support – Provides dedicated one-on-one support from Hive’s customer success team. Field experts provide personalized assistance, guidance, and best practices to maximize your team’s productivity.
  • Personalized Training and Custom Sessions – Request the Hive team for personalized training and custom sessions that are suitable to your specific needs. Take your workspace to the next level by optimizing workflows, addressing unique requirements, and leveraging fully Hive’s features.


Hive pricing plans are flexible and customizable, allowing teams to adapt to their specific needs and workflows. Whether small team projects or large-scale initiatives, Hive provides the tools to enhance project management, foster collaboration, and drive productivity. Some factors to consider in selecting the right plan are team size, features, budget, and integration with other tools. Get more information from our Hive Pros and Cons article to help you decide.

Source: Hive Pricing Official Website


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