HubSpot CRM Pricing Plans & Costs Guide

HubSpot CRM is a comprehensive platform for streamlining business workflows. It is a central hub for managing customer interactions and relationships. HubSpot CRM consolidates customer data, sales activities, marketing efforts, and customer service. It provides users with a single and organized approach to customer engagement.

How Much Does HubSpot CRM Cost?

There are HubSpot CRM pricing plans to accommodate businesses at various stages of growth. The free plan serves as a valuable starting point for small businesses. It gives companies access to basic CRM capabilities without incurring costs.

On the other hand, the paid plans allow businesses to upgrade as they grow. Businesses can access and utilize advanced features and functionalities as per their requirements. Including marketing and service tools in paid plans provides an integrated approach to customer engagement. HubSpot CRM pricing plans include the following:

  • HubSpot CRM Free – for small businesses, startups, and individual users who are looking for a basic yet powerful solution for managing customer relationships
  • HubSpot CRM Starter ($18 per month) – for growing businesses that have progressed beyond the initial stages and are seeking more advanced tools to enhance their customer relationship management efforts
  • HubSpot CRM Suite Professional ($1,600 per month) – for small teams and businesses with comprehensive business needs
  • HubSpot CRM Suite Enterprise ($5,000 per month) – for large organizations and enterprises that require top-of-the-line capabilities

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HubSpot CRM Free Plan

The HubSpot CRM Free plan is an entry-level solution for small businesses and startups. It establishes a foundation for managing customer relationships. This plan offers essential CRM features without any associated costs. It is an attractive option for those with limited budgets.

Users can benefit from core functionalities such as contact and lead management. It allows them to organize and track interactions with potential and existing customers. While this plan provides a solid starting point, it may have limitations, too. These limitations are in the customization options and scalability.


  • Forms – Includes standalone forms, popup forms, embedded ones, collected forms, and GDPR options.
  • Landing Pages – Includes up to 20 landing pages with simple templates.
  • Live Chats – Includes 1-to-1 live chats with the visitors on your website.
  • Blogs – Create one blog site within your website with up to 100 blog posts, 20 authors, and 50 tags.
  • HubSpot Branding – Included in all emails, landing pages, forms, live chats, and blogs.
  • Email Templates – Save and reuse up to 5 email templates for faster communication.
  • Customizable Quotes – Create, send quotes, and collect payments with an integrated Stripe account for U.S. customers.
  • Contact and User Management – Build and manage your contacts and users.
  • Reporting Dashboard – Includes up to 3 dashboards with 10 reports per dashboard.
  • Slack Integration – Integrate Slack with HubSpot CRM.
  • Ticketing – Streamline customer support and issue resolution processes.
  • Product Library – Manage and organize up to 100 products.
  • Tasks and Activities – Manage daily responsibilities and keep track of important actions with customers.
  • Design Manager – Create, customize, and manage website templates and styles.
  • Multi-language Content Creation – Generate multiple language versions of website pages and blog posts, except landing pages, with support for up to three languages.
  • Email Marketing – Design and send clients 2,000 email campaigns per calendar month.

HubSpot CRM Starter Plan ($18 per month)

The HubSpot CRM Starter plan suits growing businesses needing more enhanced CRM capabilities. This plan goes beyond the basic features by introducing advanced tools to support sales and marketing efforts. Users gain access to email marketing and automation capabilities and ad management tools.

The Starter plan enables businesses to implement sophisticated strategies for engaging leads and conversion. It is scalable with an expanded feature set that makes it attractive for companies to advance their CRM capability. The HubSpot CRM Starter plan balances functionality and pricing. It is suitable for businesses in the early stages of growth. The plan starts at $18 monthly if billed annually or $20 monthly.


  • Email Marketing – Send up to 10,000 email campaigns (5x the send limit) per calendar month to clients.
  • Landing Pages – Includes up to 10,000 landing pages with simple templates.
  • Multiple Currencies – Supports up to 5 currencies.
  • Email Health Reporting – Provides users with valuable data and analytics related to the performance and health of their email campaigns.
  • HubSpot Branding – Remove the HubSpot branding on emails, forms, landing pages, and live chats.
  • Email Templates – Save and reuse up to 5,000 email templates for faster communication.
  • Reporting Dashboard – Includes up to 10 dashboards with 10 reports per dashboard.
  • Product Library – Manage and organize up to 1 million products.
  • Technical Support – Assist users in resolving issues, accessing resources, and maximizing the platform’s functionality through email and in-app chat support.
  • Sales Automation – Automate and streamline your sales process.
  • Sales Content Analytics – Examine your sales content and its effectiveness.
  • Goals – Use time-based goals in determining your team’s performance.
  • e-Signature – Electronic signatures for signing quotes.

HubSpot CRM Suite Professional Plan ($1,600 per month)

The HubSpot CRM Suite Professional Plan is a comprehensive software bundle that includes marketing, sales, customer service, content management, and operations products. It is designed to help businesses centralize customer interactions into one location, automate various tasks, and enhance productivity. The plan starts at $1,600 per month billed annually or $1,781 monthly.


  • Email Marketing – Send up to 10,000 email campaigns (10x the send limit) per calendar month to clients.
  • Landing Pages – Up to 10,000 landing pages with custom templates, innovative content, and A/B testing, with the option to remove HubSpot branding.
  • Multiple Currencies – Supports up to 30 currencies.
  • Email Health Reporting – Includes additional data-based recommendations.
  • Custom Reporting – Includes up to 100 custom reports.
  • Social Media – Up to 50 connected social media accounts with up to 10,000 monthly posts.
  • CRM Interface Configuration – Users can configure and apply conditional logic to the sidebars and board cards with up to 20 customizations per object type.

HubSpot CRM Suite Enterprise Plan ($5,000 per month)

The HubSpot CRM Suite Enterprise Plan is a comprehensive solution that caters to the diverse needs of businesses across various industries and sizes. It is HubSpot’s most powerful marketing, sales, customer service, CMS, and operations software. It offers a complete set of customer engagement and support tools, bundling features from all of HubSpot’s products into a unified platform. The plan starts at $5,000 per month annually or $60,000 yearly.


  • Filtered Analytics View – Up to 50 filtered analytics views.
  • Adaptive Testing – Test up to 5 page variations at a time.
  • Multi-touch Revenue Attribution – Track up to 10,000 logged interactions per contact.
  • Standard Sandbox Account – One standard sandbox with up to 100k contacts per account.
  • Enterprise features – Customer journey analytics, predictive lead scoring, recurring revenue tracking, SSO, advanced permissions, conversation intelligence, and more.


Choosing from among the right HubSpot CRM pricing plans involves carefully evaluating your business needs. Consider the various business factors to ensure your selected plan aligns with your business needs, goals, and budget. The key factors to consider are the size and state of the organization, budget constraints, features, scalability, and customization needs. Additional things to consider are support, marketing and sales, integration with other tools, analytics, and reporting.

Interested parties can use the free plan to test the features and functionality before committing to a paid plan. By aligning your choice with your business goals and priorities, you can maximize the benefits of HubSpot CRM. You can enhance your overall customer relationship management strategy with the right plan. For additional information, you can also read our Top 10 Cons & Disadvantages of Using HubSpot CRM.

Source: HubSpot CRM Pricing Official Website


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