Is Trello Down Right Now?

As with any other web-based platform, Trello may encounter sporadic service disruptions or downtime. This article will examine the potential reasons for Trello’s unavailability and guide how to handle issues with the service.

Trello has a new status page:

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Regular server maintenance and upgrades are one of the primary causes of Trello’s downtime. As with any other online platform, Trello must undergo routine maintenance and updates to maintain optimal performance and efficiency. This maintenance may cause temporary unavailability or reduced response times for the service.

Server Overload or Network Issues

Trello may also experience outages due to server overload, as it is a highly utilized platform. The servers may become overburdened and struggle to keep up with demand, especially during peak hours or high-traffic periods. As a result, users may encounter slow load times, error messages, or even complete service downtime.

Additionally, third-party integrations are a potential cause of Trello service disruptions. Trello’s integration with a broad range of third-party applications and services means that any issues or downtime experienced by these integrations can impact the entire Trello platform.

Lastly, network issues such as connectivity problems, router malfunctions, or other network component failures can lead to Trello service unavailability. In such cases, users may be unable to access the service or may encounter slow response times.

Trello Status Page

In case of experiencing Trello issues, the initial step is to determine if the service is unavailable for everyone or just you. You can check the Trello Status Page, which offers real-time information on any outages or service issues. Furthermore, social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook can provide updates from the Trello team.

If Trello is unavailable, there are a few actions you can take to reduce the impact on your work. One option is to attempt to access Trello through a different device or internet connection since the problem could be with your device or network rather than Trello itself. Alternatively, you can try using a different project management platform to handle your tasks and projects while Trello is down.

If the issue is caused by third-party integration, you may need to contact the support team for that particular app or service to solve the problem. In the case of network or internet connectivity problems, it might be necessary to seek assistance from your internet service provider or IT support team.


To summarize, Trello is a frequently utilized online project management tool that can encounter occasional outages or downtime due to several reasons, such as server maintenance, server overload, third-party integrations, and network problems. If you encounter any issues with Trello, the initial step is to verify if the service is inaccessible to everyone or just you, followed by attempting to access Trello via a different device or network, or using another project management platform until the issue is resolved. The Trello team offers real-time updates on their status page and social media accounts, making it essential to remain updated on any issues or outages that may impact your work.


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