Microsoft Project Pricing Plans & Costs Guide

Microsoft Project is a project management software that helps users plan, schedule, allocate resources, and track tasks and projects. It is a tool for managing complex projects, from small functions to large-scale projects involving multiple teams and stakeholders.

Microsoft Project offers cloud-based solutions hosted on remote servers accessed through the internet. It also has on-premise solutions installed and hosted locally on the organization’s servers. This article will look at Microsoft Project’s pricing plans for cloud-based and on-premise solutions and what functionalities they offer.

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How Much Does MS Project Cost?

Microsoft Project suggests a one-month free trial to help you decide which plan is perfect for your enterprise. The choice between cloud-based and on-premise solutions will depend on an organization’s specific needs and IT strategy.

Cloud-based Solutions

The three pricing plans offered by Microsoft Project for cloud-based solutions include the following:

  • Microsoft Project’s Project Plan 1 ($10 per user per month) – includes essential project management features such as task management, project planning, scheduling, collaboration tools, sheet creation, file attachment and sharing
  • Microsoft Project’s Project Plan 3 ($30 per user per month) – provides additional functionalities such as resource management, roadmaps, baselines, reports, customizations, and publishing of pre-built templates from Project or
  • Microsoft Project’s Project Plan 5 ($55 per user per month) – offers advanced portfolio management, demand management, enterprise-level reporting, security and compliance features, as well as analytics and Power BI integration, automatic workflows and custom branding, and access to Project Online

On-premise Solutions

Microsoft Project also offers plans for standalone project management. These plans provide access to the desktop version, perfect for organizations with complex security and compliance requirements. The three pricing schemes offered for on-premise solutions include the following:

  • Microsoft Project’s Project Standard 2021 ($679.99 per license) – a standalone desktop application for individuals or small teams that offers basic functionalities such as management, project planning, and scheduling, supports Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC)
  • Microsoft Project’s Project Professional 2021 ($1,129.99 per license) – includes supplementary features such as resource management, multiple timelines, timesheet management, supports LTSC
  • Microsoft Project’s Project Server (Contact Microsoft) – offers advanced project and portfolio management capabilities for large organizations, including demand management, portfolio analysis and optimization, active directory integration, and access to qualified Microsoft Project and Portfolio Manager Partner, with price depending on the size and complexity of the organization

Cloud-based Solutions

Microsoft Project’s Project Plan 1 ($10 per user per month)

Project Plan 1 is a cloud-based solution that offers basic project management features. It is a user-friendly project management tool ideal for small teams or individuals who need simple project management capabilities. Project Plan 1 includes essential features of Project for the web and Project Online applications of Microsoft Project.


  • Easy Project Management – Manage projects and teams effortlessly using basic, user-friendly visual tools.
  • Grid, Board, Gantt Chart Views – Visualize task paths, timelines, and dependencies in your preferred project views.
  • Smart Scheduling – Organize your project, tasks, and schedules seamlessly.
  • Collaboration and Communication – Utilize Microsoft Teams for file sharing, messaging, and consultations.
  • Integrations – Integrate with other Microsoft products such as OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams to collaborate and share project information.

Microsoft Project’s Project Plan 3 ($30 per user per month)

Project Plan 3 is a more robust cloud-based solution ideal for medium-sized organizations or teams requiring enhanced project management functionalities. It includes features of Project Online, desktop client and more advanced capabilities of Project for the web and Project Online.


  • Collaboration and Reports – Communicate and collaborate in real-time and use reporting tools that help stakeholders stay informed about project progress.
  • Resource Management – Manage projects by planning, tracking progress, scheduling, and budgeting resources to maximize efficiency.
  • Roadmap Planning – Gain insight into the progress of various projects, programs, and portfolios in one comprehensive view. Select the specific initiatives you wish to observe and incorporate phases, milestones, and significant deadlines.
  • Prebuilt Templates – Use top-notch project templates contained within Microsoft Project or from
  • Baselines – Track progress against the planned outcome to express good judgment based on well-considered and well-informed assessments.
  • Project Online Desktop Client – Each license allows up to 5 synchronous application installations.

Microsoft Project’s Project Plan 5 ($55 per user per month)

Project Plan 5 is Microsoft’s most comprehensive cloud-based project and portfolio management tool. It includes sophisticated features for AI-powered project management, agile project management, and roadmap planning. It is ideal for portfolio and resource managers, solution administrators, and large organizations or teams that require enterprise-level capabilities. Project Plan 5 includes more capabilities of the Project Online application.


  • Roadmap Planning – Design high-level project plans and track progress against strategic goals. It also includes scenario planning capabilities, allowing users to explore different planning scenarios.
  • Project Proposals – Construct and evaluate project proposals based on strategic alignment, resource availability, and financial feasibility.
  • Demand Management – Create project detail pages, stages, and workflows to decide which projects to pursue based on strategic importance and resource availability.
  • Enterprise Resource Management – Request, assign, lock in resources, and identify which are being overused and underused so resource managers can control resources systematically, with built-in reports and analytics for monitoring progress.
  • Portfolio Analysis and Optimization – Provides real-time reporting to track the progress of multiple projects simultaneously and identify projects that require attention for quick corrective actions.
  • Enterprise-level Reporting – Includes advanced reporting capabilities and the creation of custom reports and visualizations that highlight key performance indicators and financial metrics.
  • Agile Project Management – Includes features for agile project management, including Agile Kanban-type boards, backlogs, and sprint planning, with support for Scrum and other agile methodologies.

On-premise Solutions

Microsoft Project’s Project Standard 2021 ($679.99 per license)

Project Standard 2021 is a desktop-based project management software with essential project management features such as task management, resource management, and Gantt charts. It is ideal for medium-sized teams who need a more enhanced project management solution.


  • Task Management – Create, schedule, and assign tasks to team members and set task dependencies and constraints to ensure tasks are complete and in order.
  • Gantt Charts – Includes Gantt chart functionality, visually presenting project tasks and multiple timelines to easily view complex schedules and project progress and adjust plans as needed.
  • Project Templates – Use prebuilt templates within Microsoft Project to manage projects more efficiently.
  • Reporting – Includes basic reporting capabilities, allowing users to create simple reports and visualizations of project data.
  • Intuitive Baselines – Monitor and evaluate real-time progress against the initial project plan.
  • Customizations – Allows users to customize project templates, views, and fields to meet their specific project management needs.
  • Integration – Integrate with other Microsoft products such as Excel, Word, and SharePoint, allowing users to share project data and collaborate with other team members.
  • Licensing – Provides one license per desktop PC per person.

Microsoft Project’s Project Professional 2021 ($1,129.99 per license)

Project Professional 2021 is a desktop-based project management software with more elaborate project management features such as advanced reporting, collaboration, and security features. It is ideal for individual users or small teams who need a powerful project management solution.


  • Resource Management – Manage a project’s resources, such as team members, equipment, and materials, with resource allocation features to optimize resource usage.
  • Project Online and Project Server – Connect with Project Online and Project Server, sold separately.
  • Timesheet Management – Submit timesheets to record the time spent on the project and non-project activities for purposes such as payroll and invoicing.
  • Built-in Reports – Use reports within Microsoft Project like Burndown and Resource Overview to provide stakeholders valuable insights, which can help attain better outcomes.
  • Collaboration – Communicate with team members through chats or calls using Microsoft Teams for Business, sold separately.
  • Licensing – Provides one license per desktop PC.

Microsoft Project’s Project Server (Contact Microsoft)

Project Server is an enterprise project management software with more sophisticated project and portfolio management capabilities. It is ideal for organizations that must manage multiple tasks and resources while requiring advanced reporting features.


  • Project Portfolio Management – Manage, prioritize, and control multiple projects and portfolios with a centralized view of all projects and resources.
  • Task Management – Adopt a unified and consistent method for managing tasks.
  • Resource Management – Achieve superior outcomes from your staff and plan for future contingencies by managing surplus and deficits over a projected period.
  • Work Management – Track project progress to facilitate project management and collaboration.
  • Demand Management – Implement relevant regulations and management.
  • Portfolio Analytics and Selection, Program Management, Schedule Management, Financial Management, and Issue and Risk Management, among others.


Microsoft Project offers a range of pricing plans to suit the needs and budgets of different users. Solutions include cloud-based and desktop-based software. Cloud pricing plans range from Project Plan 1, a basic solution, to Project Plan 5, an advanced solution with additional features such as portfolio management, demand management, and resource management.

Microsoft Project offers desktop software for users with more advanced project control needs, including Project Standard 2021 and Project Professional 2021. Microsoft Project Server is also an enterprise project management software that provides more sophisticated project and portfolio management functionalities.

Overall, Microsoft Project offers a variety of pricing plans and solutions to cater to the needs of different users and organizations. Its pricing plans range from affordable basic solutions to more advanced, higher-priced ones. To get a better idea, read our MS Project Pros and Cons article to see if it suits your business needs.


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