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Notion is an all-in-one note-taking, project management, and productivity tool with an intuitive and customizable interface. It is free to use, with pages, blocks, and collaborators, making it ideal for individuals or small teams just starting with the platform. Notion also offers a range of paid plans with additional functionality and support for those who require more advanced features. This article will now focus on Notion pricing plans and features.

If you think the Notion pricing system is currently above your budget, consider AceProject as an option. This tool is not based on the number of users, which can give you a lot of savings.

How Much Does Notion Cost?

One of the noticeable features of Notion is its flexible pricing plans, which offer different levels of functionality and support to suit a wide range of needs and budgets. The pricing schemes offered by Notion include the following:

  • Notion Free – for individuals or small groups who need to manage their projects and tasks with minimal collaboration and integration features
  • Notion Plus ($8 per user, per month) – best for small teams who need to plan and get organized
  • Notion Business ($15 per user, per month) – suitable for companies that require additional project management tools and customization features
  • Notion Enterprise (Contact Notion) – perfect for large organizations that require high-level management solutions with advanced features and support

Notion Free Plan

The Notion Free plan offers basic productivity features to individuals, small groups and teams. The Free plan allows you to create and manage notes, to-do lists, databases, and templates. You can also collaborate with up to 10 guests and integrate with several third-party applications.


  • Blocks – Allows unlimited blocks for individual members and limited block trials for teams.
  • File Uploads – Allows up to 5MB uploads per file.
  • Export Workspace – Back up all your content as HTML, Markdown, and CSV files.
  • Collaborative Workspace – Share pages with granular permissions and invite up to 10 external guests.
  • Seamless Integrations – Integrate with Slack, GitHub, Jira, Zapier and more.
  • Page Analytics – Basic page analytics for monitoring content.
  • Page History – Restore past versions limited to 7 days of page history.

Notion Plus Plan ($8 per user per month)

Notion’s most popular plan, the Plus plan, gives you access to more features and customization options for small teams. It also provides you with unlimited pages, databases, and team members. With the Notion Plus plan, you get to spend $8 per user per month when billed annually or $10 per user per month when billed monthly.


  • Blocks and Databases – Allows unlimited pages and blocks for teams, unlimited databases you can integrate into your system.
  • Collaborative Workspace – Invite a maximum of 100 guests, including your clients and contractors.
  • Custom Domain with Public Home Page – Publish your pages as a public web page and customize your organization’s home page.
  • File Uploads – Allows unlimited file uploads with file size limits of about 5GB maximum per file.
  • Page History – Maintains up to 30 days of page history to restore past versions quickly.

Notion Business Plan ($15 per user per month)

The Notion Business plan offers advanced team and project management features for multiple teams and businesses. This plan gives you advanced productivity tools, collaboration and security features, and advanced automation, reporting and analytics. With the Business plan, you get to spend $15 per user per month when billed annually or $18 per user per month when billed monthly.


  • Collaborative Workspace – Invite up to 250 guests, collaborators external from your company.
  • Bulk PDF Export – Back up all your content using PDFs, including legal and compliance documents.
  • Private Teamspaces – Create teamspaces having sensitive information and grant access only to the right people.
  • Page Analytics – Advanced page analytics for monitoring content.
  • Page History – Restore past versions up to 90 days of page history.
  • Security and Compliance – Control your user access using SAML SSO.
  • Request a Trial – Contact Notion to ask for a trial of this plan.

Notion Enterprise Plan (Contact Notion)

The Notion Enterprise plan offers tailored solutions and dedicated support for large organizations with complex workflows and specific integration needs. With the Enterprise plan, you can have dedicated account management, custom onboarding and training, and compliance and security certifications. Contact Notion to find out the exact pricing for this plan because it highly depends on your organization’s setup and requirements.


  • Collaborative Workspace – Invite guests with permission settings.
  • Audit Log – Access security logs for additional monitoring of security issues.
  • Workspace Analytics – Workspace analytics is used to monitor the whole workspace.
  • Page History – Unlimited page history for restoring any of your past versions.
  • Security and Compliance – Advanced workspace and teamspace security controls.
  • User provisioning (SCIM) – Allows you to use Okta for user access to workspaces.
  • Dedicated Success Manager (for customers with 100+ seats) – A success manager and other Notion experts will help you with your concerns.
  • Request a Trial or Request a Demo – Contact Notion to try using this plan or ask for a demo of this scheme.

Notion AI

You can purchase Notion AI separately should you wish to leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning within your chosen Notion plan. The optional add-on can help users as they brainstorm new ideas. It can help them write better drafts, rewrite clearer docs, and work faster with better insights. The add-on is $8 per member per month billed annually for paid plans, while it costs $10 per member per month billed monthly for free plans.


Notion offers multiple pricing plans for its users, and choosing the right Notion plan can depend on several aspects. Some factors to consider are the number of users, the size of the workspace, advanced features, and security standards. Take note of your storage needs, accessibility requirements, wish-list features, and collaboration requirements. Carefully evaluate these functionalities when selecting a plan that best fits your organization.

All-in-one solutions like Notion can be cost-efficient tools but may be overwhelming for a few users simultaneously in some situations. Reading our Notion Pros and Cons article can be valuable in finalizing your decision.

Source: Notion Pricing Official Website


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