Nozbe Pricing Plans & Costs Guide

Nozbe is a project management and productivity tool for individuals and teams. It is a user-friendly platform that focuses on breaking down complex tasks into more manageable pieces. Users can then organize them in a way that is easily accessible and trackable. Nozbe features allow users to create projects, assign tasks, set deadlines and reminders, and collaborate with team members. It also offers integrations with popular tools to manage files and information across different platforms.

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How Much Does Nozbe Cost?

Nozbe pricing plans accommodate individuals, small teams, and large organizations. These are accessible to a wide range of users with different needs and budgets. Nozbe gives a 30-day free trial of the software for users to test the platform before committing to a plan. The Nozbe pricing plans are the following:

  • Nozbe Free – for individuals or small teams who need a valuable solution to manage tasks and projects efficiently
  • Nozbe Premium ($8 per user, per month) – for large organizations that require an advanced task management and collaboration tool to stay organized and increase productivity

Nozbe Free Plan

The Nozbe Free plan is ideal for individuals and small teams who want to stay organized and collaborate effectively. It includes a solid set of features to manage tasks and projects efficiently. However, It comes with certain limitations, such as the number of teams, projects, and task history duration. Nevertheless, it still provides a valuable solution for those seeking a free task management tool.


  • Up to 1 Team – Create and manage one team who want to work together on projects and tasks.
  • Up to 5 Projects, 3 Project Sections, and 5 People – Create up to 5 projects, 3 project sections, and have up to 5 collaborators.
  • File Storage – Upload and store files up to 500MB of storage space.
  • Task History – Access your task history for up to 7 days. Review and refer back to completed tasks or previous activities within the specified time frame.
  • Integrations – Connect the tools you already use, such as Google Calendar, Slack, and Zapier. Build custom integrations with REST API and send tasks via emails.
  • Unlimited Tasks and Comments – Add as many tasks as needed to stay organized and manage your workload effectively. Leave unlimited comments on tasks for smooth collaboration and communication within your team.
  • Apps for Android, iPad, and iPhone – Provides mobile apps for Android, iPad, and iPhone. These apps let you manage your tasks, collaborate with your team, and stay productive, regardless of device preferences.

Nozbe Premium Plan ($8 per user per month)

The Nozbe Premium plan is a more advanced task management plan that comes with additional features and benefits. The unlimited projects, storage, and task history features ensure secure and convenient access to important documents and files. Track progress across different projects to foster collaboration and keep teams organized. The Nozbe Premium plan costs $8 per user per month billed annually or $10 per user per month billed monthly.


  • Unlimited Projects – Create an unlimited number of projects to organize your tasks and initiatives more effectively without any restrictions.
  • Unlimited Storage – Provides unlimited storage for teams that frequently work with large files or need to share documents within the platform. Securely store all important documents and files up to 100MB per file.
  • Unlimited Task History – Includes unlimited access to your tasks history to review completed tasks and track progress over time.
  • Project Sharing – Easily share projects with other teams to collaborate between different departments or teams within an organization.
  • Project and Member Groups – Create a project and member groups to categorize and organize projects and team members.
  • Managing Project Access – Control project access and assign specific permissions to team members to define who can view, edit, or manage each project. This feature ensures that sensitive information remains secure and only accessible to the appropriate individuals.
  • Templates – Create templates for repetitive projects or tasks to save time and ensure consistency across similar projects.
  • Separate Subscriptions for Each Team – Manage multiple teams or projects separately, allowing you to customize the plan for each team’s specific needs.
  • Adjusting the User Limit – Allows your team to grow by adding more members without limitations. This feature ensures that as your team expands, you can onboard new members seamlessly and continue collaborating effectively.
  • Invite-only projects – Create invite-only projects accessible only to select team members invited by the project owner. This feature is beneficial for confidential or exclusive projects that require restricted access.
  • Team Admins – Assign team admins who have additional permissions to manage team settings and oversee project activities.


Nozbe is more than a basic to-do application. It offers a comprehensive productivity system that prioritizes accomplishing tasks, whether you’re working collaboratively or individually. It is straightforward, task-oriented, and optimized for mobile devices. Nozbe collaboration tool caters to teams of any composition and industry, accommodating both large and small groups. Additionally, it is suitable for individuals managing personal projects or running a small business on their own.

The flexibility of a Nozbe plan is its standout feature. You can begin with a modest team size and expand as your needs increase. Pay only for the specific number of team members you require. The project management tool provides flexibility for the team owner to make adjustments whenever necessary. To be confident from which among the Nozbe pricing plans to choose, evaluate your requirements first. After your evaluation, you can then find the right match of features in each plan. Check out also our Nozbe Pros and Cons article for more information.

Source: Nozbe Pricing Official Website


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