TeamGantt Pricing Plans & Costs Guide

TeamGantt is a project management tool for creating project plans, assigning tasks, and managing workflows from a single platform. One of TeamGantt’s standout features is its visual timeline. It displays tasks, dependencies, and deadlines, making it easy for teams to understand project progress at a glance.

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How Much Does TeamGantt Cost?

TeamGantt is an online project management tool that enables teams to collaborate effectively and streamline their workflow. The software offers various plans that cater to different business needs and budgets. The TeamGantt pricing plans are the following:

  • TeamGantt Free – for individuals who want to manage their personal projects without spending money
  • TeamGantt Lite ($19 per manager, per month) – best for small teams that require more functionality to manage their projects
  • TeamGantt Pro ($49 per manager, per month) – suitable for medium-sized organizations that require advanced collaboration, portfolio management, time-tracking, and priority support
  • TeamGantt Enterprise (Starts at $99 per manager, per month) – perfect for very large businesses that require a more comprehensive solution with a dedicated account manager and personalized training

TeamGantt Free Plan

The TeamGantt Free plan offers a limited set of features for users to get started with project management and collaboration. It is suitable for smaller-scale or individual projects, providing a focused workspace to plan and track tasks. It also provides users with a basic understanding of the platform and its capabilities.


  • 1 Manager and 2 Collaborators – Allows one person to take on the role of project manager and oversee the project. Two additional team members can collaborate and contribute to the project’s tasks and progress.
  • 1 Project – Create and manage one project at a time.
  • 60 Tasks – Create up to 60 actionable items within your project to achieve business goals. This ensures that you can effectively manage and track the progress of your project with a reasonable number of tasks.

TeamGantt Lite Plan ($19 per manager per month)

The TeamGantt Lite plan is ideal for small teams that need core Gantt features, multiple views, and essential integrations. It also includes more tasks and projects, advanced scheduling options, team collaboration tools, and customizations. This costs $19 per manager per month billed annually or $24 per manager per month billed monthly.


  • 5 Projects per Manager – Create and manage up to 5 projects for greater flexibility and the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously.
  • 150 Tasks per Project – Create and track up to 150 tasks for every project.
  • 5 Collaborators per Manager – Allows for up to 5 collaborators per manager.
  • Core Gantt Features – Provides access to core Gantt chart features. Create dependencies between tasks, set durations, assign resources, and visualize the project timeline via Gantt charts.
  • Boards, Calendar, and List – Includes boards, which provide a Kanban-style view for organizing and managing tasks. Also view tasks and milestones in a calendar or list format to help visualize deadlines, project events, and resource availability.
  • Integrations – Connect with your existing software stacks, such as file storage systems, communication tools, or project management platforms.

TeamGantt Pro Plan ($49 per manager per month)

The TeamGantt Pro plan is for mid-sized teams and organizations that need an advanced tool to manage multiple projects simultaneously. It provides users with additional features such as portfolio management, workloads, baselines, time tracking, and priority support. This costs $49 per manager per month billed annually or $59 per manager per month billed monthly.


  • 20 Projects per Manager – Create and manage up to 20 projects.
  • Unlimited Tasks – Create as many tasks as needed for more detailed task management and tracking across your projects.
  • Unlimited Collaborators – Invite as many team members or stakeholders as needed to contribute to your projects.
  • Priority Support – Provides priority support to ensure prompt response to any inquiries or issues.
  • Workloads – Includes a visual representation of team members’ availability and workload to balance work assignments and optimize resource allocation.
  • Baselines – Capture a snapshot of your project’s original schedule to compare the initial plan with the actual progress. This helps identify any deviations so you can make adjustments as necessary.
  • Time Tracking – Includes time tracking capabilities, allowing you to log and track the time spent on tasks and projects. This feature provides insights into resource utilization and helps measure project progress and productivity.
  • Hourly Estimating – Assign estimated hours to tasks, providing a more detailed understanding of the effort required for each task. This feature assists with project planning, scheduling, and resource allocation.
  • Portfolio Management – Track the status, progress, and dependencies of multiple projects within a single dashboard.
  • Teams – Organize collaborators into groups or teams within the platform to streamline communication, task assignment, and collaboration.

TeamGantt Enterprise Plan (Starts at $99 per manager per month)

A large organization that needs advanced features from a project management tool would want the Enterprise plan. Features include unlimited projects, a dedicated account manager, customized training, and security review. This plan is custom-fit to meet the specific needs of each organization. It starts at $99 per manager per month billed annually but can differ per business depending on size and requirements.


  • Unlimited Projects – Create and manage an unlimited number of projects.
  • Dedicated Account Manager – A dedicated account manager serves as your main point of contact to provide personalized assistance, guidance, and support.
  • Customized Training – Includes customized training sessions tailored to your organization’s specific needs.
  • Security Review – Ensures that industry-standard security practices and protocols are in place to protect your data and maintain project confidentiality.
  • Uptime SLA – Includes an uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA). Guarantees a certain level of platform availability and ensures that TeamGantt maintains high level of service reliability and performance.


TeamGantt pricing plans provide excellent value for money. Each plan can help teams increase productivity, streamline collaboration, and improve overall project management. However, there are some factors to consider before choosing from among the TeamGantt pricing plans. These are the number of managers, budget, project and workflow complexity, and access to premium features.

For additional features or greater scale, TeamGantt paid plans have more extensive features and greater flexibility. For additional input, however, refer to our TeamGantt Pros and Cons article to get a more comprehensive assessment.

Source: TeamGantt Pricing Official Website


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