Trello: Show All your Cards Across All Workspaces

In response to numerous requests from Trello users, Bridge24 for Trello introduced a new feature that allows you to effortlessly access all your cards from all your workspaces at once. Before this update, you were required to choose a particular workspace, but now you have the convenience of selecting “All My Workspaces” as an option.

Displaying all cards from multiple workspaces

In the left-hand side panel, rather than choosing an individual workspace, you now have the option to select “All My Workspaces.” The image below illustrates a search across two boards from distinct workspaces. In the grid view, you can see a total of 105 cards organized under two separate workspaces.

Can I see my cards grouped by workspace?

  • Grid: You have the option to include the workspace column in the grid view. Additionally, you can group and sort your cards by workspace.
  • Charts: Generate charts to visualize your cards organized by workspace, whether through vertical bars, pie charts, or other chart types.
  • Gantt: Enhance your Gantt view by adding the workspace column.
  • Reports: Create detailed task reports that include the workspace as a column, and you can also group or sort your reports based by workspace.
  • Export: Easily export your cards to Excel, with the workspace column in the exported data.

Is It Possible to Create a Search Query for Retrieving Cards Across Multiple Workspaces?

Imagine you have 10 workspaces, and you wish to search for cards within just 2 of them. You can easily accomplish this by creating a search query as illustrated in the image above. This way, you can handpick boards from various workspaces and obtain the specific results you’re looking for.

Are There Any Restrictions on the “All My Workspaces” Feature?

The only limitation to keep in mind is that you cannot share a search while in the “All My Workspaces” view. Sharing a search is only possible when you are actively within a specific workspace. In the “All My Workspaces” mode, the option to share a search is unavailable.

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