Windows 11 Pricing & Costs Guide

Windows 11 is Microsoft’s latest iteration of the iconic Windows operating system. It brings a fresh and modernized user interface emphasizing simplicity, efficiency, and versatility. It has numerous features that enhance productivity, security, and user experience. Windows 11 introduces several innovations, including improved window management and new productivity tools.

How Much Does Windows 11 Cost?

Windows 11 pricing varies with the value it delivers in terms of new features, security enhancements, and overall user experience. Businesses and previous Windows 10 users may find it worthwhile to upgrade due to the benefits it offers. Device and User licenses are available for Windows 11. Any user may use Windows 11 with a device license assigned to an individual device. User licenses assigned to users may use Windows 11 on up to 5 devices. Windows 11 pricing plans come in two editions:

  • Windows 11 Home Edition ($139 per license) – for individual users seeking a streamlined and personalized computing experience
  • Windows 11 Pro Edition ($199 per license) – for professionals and businesses with specific security requirements, remote management needs, and advanced productivity features

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Windows 11 Home Edition ($139 per license)

Windows 11 Home is for personal use with modern and engaging computing experience features. It provides a user-friendly environment that prioritizes simplicity and accessibility to deliver a seamless and visually appealing experience for home users and enthusiasts. Windows 11 Home Edition costs $139 per license.


  • Intelligent Security Graph – Big data analytics, machine learning, and AI for threat detection, response, and overall security.
  • Biometrics – Includes fingerprint scanners and IR cameras on capable devices.
  • Firewall and Network Protection – Comprehensive security features against viruses, malware, and ransomware.
  • Microsoft Defender SmartScreen – Alerts users against phishing attacks and dangerous apps, files, and websites.
  • Presence Sensing – Integrates Windows Hello with sensors for users to sign in as they enter and lock when they exit.
  • Multifactor Authentication – Secure authentication through phone calls, texts, or the Microsoft Authenticator app.
  • Parental Controls/Protection – Manage screen time and limit access to adult content.
  • Secure Boot – Prevents files-based attacks during system startup.
  • Built-in Security – Includes hardware isolation, encryption, and malware protection for new Windows 11 devices.
  • Smart App Control – Choose applications and block malicious apps.
  • Windows Defender Antivirus – Protects against viruses, spyware, and other malware.
  • Windows Defender System Guard – A hardware-based security on modern devices that blocks and prevents the spread of attacks during startups.
  • Windows Hello – Enables fast, secure, and password-free access using facial recognition, fingerprint, or a PIN.
  • Delivery Optimization – Devices within a network can share and distribute updates.
  • Express Updates – Minimizes the network impact of essential monthly quality updates.
  • Intuitive Productivity – Includes Clipchamp, Cloud Clipboard, widgets, snap layouts, and integrations to enhance productivity.
  • Client Support – Access to online library and support documents, free virtual training sessions and online classes, and text-based chat or phone support.
  • Microsoft Store Redesign – A more user-friendly Microsoft Store that offers a broader range of apps.
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams – Seamless integration of Microsoft Teams into the taskbar.
  • Gaming Enhancements – Enhanced gaming performance with features like DirectStorage and Auto HDR.

Windows 11 Pro Edition ($199 per license)

Windows 11 Pro takes the foundation laid by Windows 11 Home and builds upon it. It introduces a suite of advanced features to meet the needs of professionals and businesses. Additionally, the Pro edition focuses on enhanced security, efficient remote management, and productivity tools. Windows 11 Pro costs $199 per license.


  • BitLocker Device Encryption – Ensures your device’s and data’s security in case of loss or theft.
  • Integrated with Microsoft Information Protection – Allows users to implement policies that protect sensitive information.
  • Remote Deployment and Compliance – Enables IT administrators to deploy, secure, and manage devices remotely while ensuring compliance with company security policies.
  • Windows Hello for Business – Enhances security and user convenience by providing passwordless authentication.
  • Windows Information Protection (WIP) – Safeguards data from accidental leaks on devices used for work.
  • Assigned Access – Users have controlled access to maintain separation between user identities.
  • UX Improvements – Increase productivity by reducing complexity and distractions.
  • Desktop Space Optimization – Users can work more efficiently and effectively on devices with varying screen sizes.
  • App Compatibility and Cloud Management – Simplifies the transition to Windows 11 Pro.
  • Zero Trust-Ready Operating System – Employs strong authentication, continuous monitoring, and data encryption.

Windows 11 for Education

Windows 11 offers improved accessibility features for students, like live captions, touchscreen, and voice typing. It has online and offline productivity backed up by the cloud. Likewise, Windows 11 provides a simplified user interface tuned for education. It has security features like cloud-first device management with Intune and Azure Active Directory. Windows 11 works with a range of affordable device options starting at $249. It also enables upgrading from Windows 10. Contact a Microsoft Education Expert for more details.


Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro represent Microsoft’s commitment to addressing the diverse needs of users. Windows 11 Home prioritizes simplicity and a personalized computing experience for individuals. On the other hand, Windows 11 Pro incorporates advanced security features, remote management capabilities, and productivity tools for professionals and businesses.

The two editions in Windows 11 pricing plans contribute to a cohesive and innovative Windows ecosystem. It ensures users with an operating system that aligns with their specific requirements and preferences. Windows 11 Enterprise is part of the Microsoft 365 Enterprise, constituting a different platform.

Equally important, users interested in upgrading to or installing Windows 11 need to consider certain factors. The decision to purchase should include factors in the desired feature set, security considerations, budget constraints, and long-term organizational or personal goals. By aligning the chosen Windows 11 edition with these criteria, users can ensure a seamless and productive computing experience.

Generally, opinions on Windows 11 pricing plans vary, reflecting users’ diverse needs and preferences. Some embrace the new features and are willing to invest in the upgrade. See our Top 10 Pros & Advantages of Windows 11 and Windows 10 vs Windows 11: Difference in 15 Aspects articles.

In contrast, other users are more critical, particularly regarding hardware compatibility and cost. You can also read our Top 10 Cons or Disadvantages of Windows 11 for a more balanced perspective.

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