Calendly Pricing Plans & Costs Guide

Calendly is an online scheduling software that allows teams to schedule appointments and client meetings. It syncs with the user’s calendar and generates a personalized link that others can use to schedule a meeting. Calendly also sends reminders and updates about upcoming appointments to all involved parties. Its customization and integration options make Calendly a versatile scheduling tool for various businesses and requirements.

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How Much Does Calendly Cost?

Calendly pricing plans offer a range of features beneficial for individuals and businesses looking to streamline their scheduling processes. Calendly also provides a 14-day free trial of the Standard and Teams plan. The four Calendly pricing plans include the following:

  • Calendly Free (Always Free) – for individuals who need a basic scheduling tool
  • Calendly Standard ($10 per seat, per month) – best suited for small to medium-sized businesses that require advanced scheduling capabilities and customization options
  • Calendly Teams ($16 per seat, per month) – for larger teams and organizations needing more advanced features like collaborative scheduling and integration with Salesforce
  • Calendly Enterprise (Starts at $15k/yr) – suitable for very large enterprises that require a more customizable scheme with enterprise-level features and support

Calendly Free Plan (Always Free)

Calendly Free Plan is the always-free version of the scheduling software. It is suitable for individuals starting with basic scheduling. Its features include calendar links, integrations, and basic event types. It allows users to schedule unlimited one-on-one meetings. Users of the Free Plan can save time by eliminating back-and-forth emails when trying to schedule meetings.


  • Calendar – Connect one calendar of your choice.
  • Active Event Type – Create and offer one active event type for scheduling meetings.
  • Customize Booking Link – Provides customization for your booking link and allows branding of your scheduling page.
  • Automated Event Notifications – Set up and send automated event notifications to your invitees.
  • Add Calendly to your Website – Embed Calendly on your website or landing page.
  • Integrations – Connect to your Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Webex, and Zoom web conferencing accounts.
  • Help Center and 24/7 Email Support – Access the help center and receive assistance from the 24/7 email support for any issue or query.

Calendly Standard Plan ($10 per seat per month)

Calendly Standard Plan is for small to mid-sized businesses with more sophisticated scheduling needs. It includes all the features of the Free plan plus additional functionality like team scheduling, group events, and branding customization. Users can also integrate Calendly with popular apps like PayPal, Mailchimp, and HubSpot CRM. The plan costs $10 per seat per month billed annually or $12 per seat billed monthly.


  • Calendar – Six calendar connections per person.
  • Active Event Type – Create an unlimited number of event types or kinds of meetings.
  • Group Events – Create group (1-to-many) and collective (2-on-1) events that allow multiple invitees to schedule and join the same meeting or event.
  • Email Reminders and Follow-ups – Send automated email reminders, re-confirmation requests, and follow-ups to your invitees.
  • Live Chat Support – Get real-time 24/7 assistance from Calendly experts to resolve any question, issue, or concern while using the platform.

Calendly Teams Plan ($16 per seat per month)

Calendly Teams Plan is perfect for larger organizations that need collaboration features and advanced reporting tools. Businesses with multiple team members who need to schedule meetings with clients and colleagues will benefit greatly from this plan. Calendly Teams includes user roles and permissions, multiple team calendars, and advanced analytics. Users can efficiently coordinate schedules within their organization and track the productivity of their team members. The cost is $16 per user per month billed annually or $20 billed monthly.


  • Round-robin Event Types – Create round-robin event types to distribute the workload evenly.
  • Automated Leads Routing – Embed Calendly form or connect to existing Marketo, Pardot, or HubSpot forms and automatically route leads to the right calendar based on responses.
  • Routing Form Analytics – Access insights and meeting conversion rates from all forms.
  • Integrations – Streamline sales processes, track customer interactions, and comprehensively view customer engagements by integrating with Salesforce.
  • Admin Features – Manage team events and permissions.

Calendly Enterprise Plan (Starts at $15k/yr)

Calendly Enterprise Plan is the top-tier offering that includes all the features of the Standard and Teams plans. In addition, it also has dedicated account management, premium support, and custom onboarding. It is for large enterprises with complex scheduling needs and a high volume of meetings and events. Teams who need enterprise security, admin control, and support, as well as enterprise-grade procurement, will surely benefit from this plan. Users can receive personalized support from Calendly’s team, ensure seamless integration of Calendly with their existing systems, and access advanced customization options to meet their unique requirements. Contact the Calendly sales team to get a customized quote.


  • SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) – Simplify team access with SSO through Okta, Azure, OneLogin, Auth0, and others.
  • Integrations – Connect to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Automate.
  • Route by Salesforce Assignment – Automatically schedule known leads and filter using Salesforce fields.
  • Audit Log and Data Deletion API – Provides a detailed record of user activity and facilitates compliance with data protection regulations when deleting data.
  • Advanced User Provisioning– Securely automate employee on-boarding and off-boarding by connecting directly with corporate identity provider.
  • Business Support – Access expedited support, phone support, and a dedicated Calendly account partner. Also, get onboarding and implementation support, adoption and outcome guidance, and security and legal reviews.


Calendly pricing plans build on their previous plans, offering additional functionality and customization while moving up the pricing scale. Overall, Calendly pricing plans offer a good balance of functionality and affordability. The free plan is for individuals who have basic scheduling needs. On the other hand, paid plans offer more advanced features at reasonable prices for small to very large enterprises. Higher-tiered plans provide customization options, including custom branding and personalized scheduling pages.

Calendly scheduling software offers a solid solution for business. However, evaluating your requirements against the available features in each plan is advisable. You can also read our Calendly Pros and Cons article as you finalize your decision.

Source: Calendly Pricing Official Website


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