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Evernote is a note-taking application that allows users to write down, organize, and share information digitally. It helps individuals and teams keep track of everything, from to-do lists to research notes to project plans. One of the standout features is its ability to remotely organize notes, notebooks, and even hand-drawn sketches using tags. Evernote can also be a valuable tool for small organizations managing simple projects.

How Much Does Evernote Cost?

Evernote pricing plans are available in a tiered system. It also gives a 14-day free trial for paid schemes suited for individuals and a 30-day free trial for teams. The pricing plans are:

  • Evernote Free – for individuals who need a simple note-taking app
  • Evernote Personal ($8.99 per month) – best for individuals who require more storage and advanced features
  • Evernote Professional ($10.99 per month) – ideal for users who need advanced collaboration features and integrations with other business tools
  • Evernote Teams ($14.99 per user, per month) – perfect for small teams who need advanced collaboration features and administrative controls

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Evernote Free Plan

The Evernote Free plan is for individuals who need a basic note-taking app that can sync up to two devices and requires minimal collaboration and customization features. The file storage is up to 60MB monthly uploads and up to 25MB note size. The Free plan is a way for people to evaluate the software features before subscribing to a paid plan.


  • Accessibility – Includes apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux (beta) platforms.
  • In-note Tasks – Use tasks to record your to-do lists within your notes.
  • Home Dashboard and Widgets – Provides quick access to your Home dashboard along with three widgets and formatting tools.
  • Search and Tags – Basic search functionality with search and tags
  • Web Clipper – Clip, arrange, and share web pages.
  • Scans and File Attachments – Scan handwritten notes, and whiteboards, attach PDFs, receipts, files, photos, images, Google Docs, and other documents
  • Audio Notes – Allows recording and playback of audio notes
  • Collaboration and Integration – Integrate with your Gmail account and share notes and notebooks externally with permission and user roles.
  • Notebooks and Keyword Tags – Create a filing system with notebooks and keyword tags for filtering and saving your search results.
  • Data Security and Support – Includes data protection, two-step verification, and community help forums for support.

Evernote Personal Plan ($8.99 per month)

The Evernote Personal plan is for individuals needing more capabilities to sync unlimited devices, perform task management, annotate images, and seek customer support. The file storage is up to 10GB monthly uploads and up to 200MB note size. When billed monthly, this costs $8.99 per month or $79.99 per year.


  • Home Dashboard and Widgets – Customize the Home dashboard with widgets and background images.
  • Task Management – Create, edit, track, and manage tasks in one place and add due dates, reminders, and notifications functions.
  • Collaboration and Integration – Integrate with your primary Google Calendar and Google Drive, and send emails of your notes to anyone.
  • Image Annotation – Annotate PDFs and other images.
  • Scans and File Attachments – Scan your business cards and convert them into digital format to save them into a personal database.
  • Offline Access – Provides offline notes access on both mobile and desktop units.
  • Text Searches – Allows text searches inside images, handwriting, documents, and PDFs.
  • Version History – Includes a version history allowing you to quickly go back to older versions of your notes.
  • Data Security and Support – Handles issues and queries with a ticketing system to manage customer issues and concerns.

Evernote Professional Plan ($10.99 per month)

The Evernote Professional plan is suitable for individuals who need more. These include advanced searches, collaboration and integration, customization functions, and file storage of up to 20GB monthly uploads. When billed monthly, this costs $9.99 per month or $109.99 per year.


  • Home Dashboard and Widgets – Customize the Home dashboard by adding multiple pinned notes, scratch pad, and filtered notes widgets.
  • Task Management – Designate tasks and track their development.
  • Collaboration and Integration – Integrate with your personal and workplace Google Calendar accounts, Slack, Salesforce, and Microsoft Teams applications.
  • Boolean and Geographic Search – Includes finding content by location and refining searches using Boolean terms.

Evernote Teams Plan ($14.99 per user, per month)

The Evernote Teams plan is for groups who need more enhanced admin security controls, collaboration and integration. It includes an onboarding program, dedicated customer support, and file storage of up to 20GB monthly uploads plus 2GB per user. It costs $14.99 per user per month with a minimum of 2 user subscriptions.


  • Sections – Enable you to quickly view new contents in your spaces and use all pinned notes grouped into sections.
  • Collaboration and Integration – Provides spaces where you can work and share notes and notebooks with the whole team for effortless collaboration and organization of notes.
  • Data Security – Includes SSO for login access, business data ownership, user management, and activity history logs.
  • Customer Support – Provides a robust onboarding training program and dedicated success manager for teams with over 25 subscribers.
  • Evernote Personal Plan per User – Includes complimentary subscription to the Evernote Personal plan for each user to separate their personal and workplace notes; only applies for annual subscriptions.

Student Discounts

Students who are new to Evernote or are currently in the Free plan can avail of a 50% discount on their first annual subscription to the Evernote Personal plan. This offer applies to students who can confirm with Evernote their eligibility by providing a valid email address ending with .edu or .ac. Individuals with university-issued email addresses from Canada, Germany, and Switzerland may also be eligible for this offer.

Evernote also offers a 40% discount on its Evernote Professional annual plan to all students who are not subscribers to any Evernote Paid Service upon successful verification. Existing subscribers who attempt to use this offer will not receive refunds for unused portions of their current subscription. This promotion is subject to Evernote’s Commercial Terms, and all promotions are subject to its Terms and Conditions. Student verification will be through UNiDAYS and be subject to their privacy policy. UNiDAYS will solely own, control, and process all data, and not Evernote.

For more information, consult Evernote regarding these student discounts.


Evernote pricing plans are fair and reasonable. Its Free plan is a good option for casual users or anyone looking to test this note-taking app before advancing to the higher tiers. The paid plans for individuals and teams payable monthly or yearly are affordable.

Evernote provides an accessible and easy to use project management tool for teams working with small projects and organizations. To know more about it before committing to a purchase, check our Evernote Pros and Cons article.

Source: Evernote Pricing Official Website


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