Jira Pricing Plans & Costs Guide

Jira Software is a cloud computing software tool that helps in project management and issue tracking of Agile systems and methodologies. It is a highly customizable platform that can quickly adapt to the specific needs of software development companies and project teams. The pricing plan of Jira covers its software, technical support, and updates. Let us look at Jira pricing plans and the functionalities that come with each scheme.

How Much Does Jira Cost?

Jira pricing plans can fit into an organization’s different needs and budgets. Per user rates changes as the number of active users changes. A pricing calculator and example are available on its site. It also gives a 7-day free trial, which allows users to test the software before committing to a subscription plan. The four pricing plans are:

  • Jira Free – for small teams with limited project management needs
  • Jira Standard ($7.75 per user, per month) – suitable for small organizations that require additional file storage, user roles, and permissions
  • Jira Premium ($15.25 per user, per month) – ideal for multiple teams needing more advanced functionalities
  • Jira Enterprise (Contact Atlassian) – perfect for large businesses that require a more comprehensive solution with advanced analytics and security features

If you find Jira pricing a little complicated, consider AceProject as an alternative solution. The price for this tool does not depend on the number of users giving you more cost savings in the end.

Jira Free Plan

The Jira Free plan is ideal for small teams or startups beginning with project management or product development using Agile methodologies. It provides basic features to help them start their development processes. Features include unlimited project boards, backlog, apps and integrations, customizable workflows, reporting, and insights.


  • User Limit and Storage – Limited to one site, 10 users per site, and 2GB of file storage.
  • Automation – Includes single project automation.
  • Roadmaps – Provides the essential features to create basic roadmaps within your team.
  • Dependency Management – Includes basic dependency management where you can map dependencies within your team.
  • Support – Provides community support and self-help resources.
  • Admin Controls – Provides domain verification, account capture, and session duration Management
  • Security and Compliance – Implements encryption, password policies, business continuity, disaster recovery, and mobile device management.

Jira Standard Plan ($7.75 per user per month)

The Jira Standard plan is ideal for growing teams or businesses that require more storage, users, admin user controls, enhanced security features and customer support. It balances the cost and additional features it offers. It costs $7.75 per user per month when billed monthly or $790 for the first 10 users when billed annually.


  • User Limit and Storage – Up to 35,000 users per site and 250GB of file storage.
  • Admin Controls – Provides user roles within a project or issue, with advanced permissions and settings depending on current access rights.
  • Security and Compliance – Provides audit logs, anonymous access, and data residency for meeting your corporate policies and requirements.
  • Standard Support – Offers 9-5 support during local technical support hours.

Jira Premium Plan ($15.25 per user per month)

The Jira Premium plan is ideal for large organizations with many projects and teams. It also includes project archiving to store old projects that are not in use, and capacity planning to manage the resources of your teams. It costs $15.25 per user per month when billed monthly or $1525 for the first 10 users when billed annually.


  • Storage – Unlimited file storage.
  • Automation – Includes unlimited global and multi-project automation.
  • Roadmaps – Create advanced roadmaps across many teams.
  • Dependency Management – Includes advanced dependency management where you can map dependencies across many teams.
  • Sandbox and Release Tracks – Provides a sandbox testing environment and allows you to manage your product changes with release tracks.
  • Admin insights – View your organization’s insights, including user activity, access, and security levels.
  • Uptime SLA – Guarantees an uptime SLA of 99.9%.
  • IP allowlisting – Allows you to specify the IP addresses you can use to access your organization’s content.
  • Premium Support – Offers 24/7 for high-impact issues, with faster response times.

Jira Enterprise Plan (Contact Atlassian)

The Jira Enterprise plan is perfect for larger organizations with more complex requirements. Call Atlassian for a custom quote. The scheme provides dedicated customer support, which can help organizations with any issues they encounter during their development and implementation process.

It also includes advanced features like data analytics, enterprise-grade security, and compliance controls. Pricing is available for user tier 801-1000 users, billed annually. Contact Atlassian for an exact estimate of this plan.


  • Unlimited Sites.
  • Data and Insights – Includes open beta versions of Atlassian Analytics, Atlassian Data Lake, and Data connectors for getting holistic insights using a low-code editor and data source queries.
  • Atlassian Access – Includes centralized security controls like SAML SSO, user provisioning (SCIM), active directory sync, organization audit log, organization insights, and enforced 2FA.
  • Centralized User Subscriptions – Grant users access to all sites or instances using a single license.
  • Uptime SLA – Guarantees an uptime SLA of 99.95%.
  • Enterprise Support – Provides 24/7 for all technical issues, a dedicated phone number and senior support staff, with the fastest response times.

Jira Data Center

The Jira Data Center is an on-premise option for teams seeking a self-administered solution. This tool starts at $42,000 for 500 users and is scalable depending on the number of users your organization requires. You can try the software for 30 days free of charge before requesting Jira for an accurate costing of the Data Center. However, Jira Server licenses are no longer available, and its assistance will terminate on February 15, 2024.


Jira is a software application for project management and issue tracking, widely used by software development teams using Agile methodologies. It is also applicable to any industry where organizations manage tasks, track progress, and collaborate with teams. Jira pricing plans are scalable and depends on the number of users and the type of deployment, whether on-premises or cloud. To better understand which plan to choose, see our Jira Pros and Cons article.

Source: Jira Pricing Official Website


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