Podio Pricing Plans & Costs Guide

Podio is a collaboration and project management software for teams to manage projects, tasks, files, and communication from one centralized platform. It is highly utilized and beneficial in various industry sectors such as marketing, event planning, real estate, finance, and non-profits. It is a flexible platform that allows teams to customize features to fit their specific requirements.

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How Much Does Podio Cost?

Podio pricing plans are affordable and attractive for teams of all sizes, use cases, and budgets. You can request for a demo of the software before committing to any paid plan. The three Podio pricing plans available to different team sizes with varying levels of functionality are:

  • Podio Free – for individuals or small groups of up to 5 employees who want to manage their projects with basic project management features
  • Podio Plus ($11.20 per employee, per month) – best for small teams that require more functionality to manage their workflows
  • Podio Premium ($19.20 per employee, per month) – suitable for large organizations that require a full suite of enhanced features

Podio Free Plan

The Podio Free plan is ideal for small teams or individuals who are just starting. It includes basic features like task management, a calendar, and basic reporting. The platform lets you customize your workspace to fit your needs. You can create different apps and workflows, set up task lists and timelines, and use customizable project views to track progress.

Additionally, the platform’s mobile app lets you stay connected to your projects and team members while you’re on the go. Podio mobile apps ensure you’re always up-to-date with everything that’s happening, wherever you are.


  • Limited to 5 employees.
  • Task Management – Divide tasks into simple to-do lists whether personal, shared, or recurring tasks.
  • Apps and Workspaces – Create Podio apps with a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface. Combine different customizable field types like text, category, date, relationship, contact, number, link, image, money, progress, calculation, map, and duration. Use the apps as work organization and tracking tools.

Podio Plus Plan ($11.20 per employee per month)

The Podio Plus plan is for small businesses that require a more advanced project management tool. It includes advanced customization options, user roles and permissions, and automated workflows. The Plus Plan includes unlimited storage, automated workflows, and the ability to federate multiple Podio workspaces for better organization. Additionally, this plan includes custom branding and CSS customization. It costs $11.20 per employee per month when billed annually or $14 per employee per month when billed monthly.


  • Unlimited Items – Create unlimited entries in all workspaces and apps.
  • User Management – View all employees in your organization, assign admins, and remove members and guests as needed. See the members and their roles together with the workspaces that they are a part of.
  • Unlimited External Users – Use domain names to distinguish employees from external users, which requires a company domain to activate free external users. Pay for your employees only.
  • Light User Role – Includes more control over workspace activities with light user roles. A light user cannot make changes to the apps, such as editing, adding, or deleting them. Moreover, they cannot invite other members to join your workspaces. However, they still can view, provide comments, and make posts in the activity streams and apps.
  • Automated Workflows – Execute an “if-this-then-that” process to generate a task or comment. Activate this whenever there are additional items or modifications made to any item.
  • Read-only Access – Share items with read-only restrictions.

Podio Premium Plan ($19.20 per employee per month)

The Podio Premium plan is suitable for larger organizations with more complex needs. It includes advanced workflows and granular permissions. It costs $19.20 per employee per month when billed annually or $24 per employee per month when billed monthly.


  • Visual Reports – Automate sales movement, monitor project budgets, and more utilizing data gathered from your apps through filter and report options.
  • Interactive Sales Dashboards – Develop an interactive sales panel displaying real-time warnings and objectives at no cost for 6 months through Podio’s partnership with Plecto.
  • Cloud Phone System and Power Dialer – The only phone system built for Podio, install in just 5 minutes and tailor-fit to your business’s ever-changing needs.
  • Advanced Workflow Automation – Create automated workflows to save you time and be connected with your email, Citrix ShareFile, Citrix RightSignature, and various third-party tools. Automate crucial tasks and configure triggers for time-sensitive actions. Transform Podio into an advanced and dynamic system for managing business operations, enhancing the overall functionality of Podio significantly.
  • Communication and Online Meetings – Activity streams that display status posts, comments, and likes. Also includes Podio Chat, instant messaging, video and audio calling, and GoToMeeting integration.
  • File Sharing – Integrate with Dropbox, Google Drive, ShareFile, Box, HighTail, and OneDrive.
  • Customize Calendars – Customize your personal and workspace calendars where you can integrate your Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar using Exchange, or iCal.
  • Integrations – Includes Podio extensions, email integration, Google Task gadget, and Excel support for the import and export of spreadsheets.


Podio is a flexible project management tool that can help businesses improve their productivity, communication, and collaboration. It is highly customizable and intuitive, so users can manage projects and workflows the way they want to. It is a great collaboration tool that gives team members a central location to communicate and share ideas, rather than relying on email or other less efficient methods.

The different Podio pricing plans give users flexible options. Ultimately, choosing the right plan depends on company needs and organization size. For small teams, the Podio Free plan can serve as a good starting point. However, for businesses with complex operations and larger teams, the Podio Plus and Premium plans are more suitable. These Podio plans offer more collaboration, advanced features, and integrations, allowing for better automation and scalability. To know more about its use cases and advantages, read our Podio Pros and Cons article for details.

Source: Podio Pricing Official Website


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