Project Management Excel Templates for Project Managers

Project plans, timelines, and Gantt charts are just a few of the many tracking and planning records the project management team needs to oversee a project successfully. But imagine if you have to create these documents—and many others—from scratch. What a dull way to waste time, huh?

Every project manager should have an arsenal of curated project management Excel templates that may be utilized for assignments of varying scopes and sizes. Using templates eliminates the need to produce charts and registers ad-hoc, which improves office efficiency. Moreover, using specific templates for particular organizational tasks or functions will help standardize the project management process.

A wide assortment of pre-made templates for all sorts of project management tasks can be found and accessed online, primarily for free! Whether you’re managing a small team or an entire department, the ease and convenience of using Excel templates will make project management a bit less tedious.

We compiled some of our favorite Excel tracking and project management
templates for you! Check them out below.

Template #1: Project Management Excel Template – Simple Gantt Chart

This simplified version of a Gantt Chart offers a bird’ s-eye perspective of your current project. The chart allows you to set a duration and target date for a particular project and then displays the rate of your progress relative to your planned completion.

Gantt Charts are among the most widely used project management tools because they depict how efficiently tasks are performed to meet a specific time frame.

You can download it here.

If you are looking for additional Gantt chart templates in Excel or Google Sheets, check out GanttPro, which offers additional Gantt chart software. 

Template #2: Work Plan Timeline

Organizations typically rely on the project management life cycle to realize objectives and deliver analytical results at every project phase. This template allows you to set the project milestones chronologically to plan your moves around the target outcomes and towards the ultimate desired end. This project-planning template is an ideal tool for the convenient showcasing of proposals.

Get this template here.

Template #3: Project Management Excel Template – Activity-based Cost Tracker

This free Excel template calculates the acute costs of products and services. It aims to offer a clear insight into the costs of producing a product or service.

This activity-based cost-tracking template helps organizations identify the resources needed to fulfill an activity. It also determines the cost of a product based on the actual resource consumption of the corresponding activity.

Get this template here.

Template #4: Project Management Excel Template – Project Performance Tracking & Reporting

Use this template to manage and organize any project effectively. The Project Performance Tracking & Reporting template allows you to closely track a project’s progress. You can use it to create tasks, track performance, and modify project details to streamline your workflow.

Get this template here.

These are only a few pre-made Excel templates for monitoring, organizing, tracking, and streamlining your project operations.

Still, we hope the project management templates mentioned above can contribute to your project’s overall efficiency.

Template #5: Project Planning Template

With a project planning template, you can also learn to scope your work and break it into manageable components effortlessly. The template can help you schedule and assign tasks to complete your project. Quickly capture your project’s timelines, task owners, statuses, and action items in a single dashboard.

Moreover, you can also implement this to manage workloads and tasks as team members change. offers a great project planning template, which is the foundation of all the work you and your team will do in steering a project to successful completion.

You can download and start with this Project Planning Template.

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