ProofHub Pricing Plans & Costs Guide

ProofHub is an all-in-one project management software that enables teams to collaborate and manage projects effectively. It provides features like task management, time tracking, calendar, file sharing, and Gantt charts. The platform also includes communication tools to ensure that team members are in sync with each other. With ProofHub, teams can streamline workflows, delegate tasks, and stay on top of deadlines.

How Much Does ProofHub Cost?

ProofHub pricing plans are flat, contract-free, and reasonable, providing unlimited users for all plans. The schemes allow businesses to scale as they grow and add more advanced capabilities to their system. Additionally, the 14-day free trial and product demo are excellent ways for users to test the software before committing to a subscription. The pricing plans offered by ProofHub are the following:

  • ProofHub Essential ($45 per month) – ideal for small teams that require basic functionality to manage their workflows and collaborate
  • ProofHub Ultimate Control (Starts at $89 per month) – suitable for large organizations that need additional collaboration tools and priority support

If you find ProofHub pricing to be above your current budget, see if AceProject is a better option. This software is also not based on the number of users so it is more cost-effective now and in the long run.

ProofHub Essential Plan ($45 per month)

The ProofHub Essential plan is a project management software scheme that provides basic features to help teams collaborate and manage their projects effectively. It includes functionalities like task management, time tracking, calendar, file sharing, and Gantt charts. The plan costs $45/month when billed annually or $50/month when billed monthly. It also provides access to basic customization options, email integration, and mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices.


  • Storage – Includes 15G of storage space.
  • Projects – Allows up to 40 projects.
  • Project Management – Provides you basic features like tasks, subtasks, table views, boards, Gantt, calendars, time tracking, project templates, custom fields, assignees, request forms, labels, milestones, files and documents, file approval, attachments, dependencies, task history, project categories, and daily agenda.
  • Collaboration – Includes discussions, chats, group chats, notes, proofing and review, notifications, and events.
  • Accessibility – Provides stickies (sticky notes) and multilingual language support (11 languages).
  • Integrations – Allows essential integrations like email-in and connections with your DropBox, Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive accounts to bring your work into one platform.

ProofHub Ultimate Control Plan (Starts at $89 per month)

The ProofHub Ultimate Control plan provides advanced features for large teams and enterprises. It includes advanced customization options, project request forms, and powerful reports. The plan starts at $89/month for the first three months and then $150/month for the following months if billed annually. However, it costs $99/month when billed monthly. It also provides access to API, white labeling, and advanced security features such as IP restriction.


  • Storage – Includes 100G of storage space for your files and attachments.
  • Projects – Allows unlimited projects for large and complex systems.
  • Project Management – Provides enhanced capabilities like workflows and project manager.
  • Robust Reports – Includes resource, workload, custom, project, and all project-related reports to effectively monitor and allocate resources and workload to different team members.
  • Admin Control – Create custom roles, guests, trash management, white labeling, IP restrictions, and detailed activity logs.
  • Integrations – Allows more advanced features like API access for effortless integration of your third-party applications.
  • Priority support – Get help from customer service representatives for any issue you may encounter while using the software.


ProofHub+ is an enhanced version of ProofHub that boasts of enriched user experience with its new design, seamless connectivity, and faster work speed. These improvements in project management include task IDs, multiple timers, subscriber stages, sort chat lists, filters for subtasks, and recurring tasks. It has all-new views for tables, calendars, project overviews, profiles, and Me-views. There are also all-new custom reports and all-new email-in tasks.

For enhanced collaboration, the features added are mentions, announcements, enhanced email preferences, all-new emojis, and read-unread notifications. It has drag-and-drop images and documents, clubbed in-app notifications, and jumps to a specific project or person. More accessibility and customization capabilities include quick-add menus, keyboard shortcuts, bookmarks, and an all-new navigation bar. Also available are personal themes, associate colors with stages in board view, a thumbnail preview of videos, and custom welcome messages.

If interested in ProofHub+, contact ProofHub directly for pricing information.

ProofHub for Non-Profit

Assisting the less fortunate, ill, or disadvantaged and prioritizing the betterment of humanity is undoubtedly commendable. The commitment and enthusiasm displayed by non-profit organizations and charitable groups worldwide in their philanthropic efforts deserve admiration and support. Whether you have a specific cause in mind or seek to accomplish multiple humanitarian objectives, ProofHub fully trusts in and endorses your endeavors.

ProofHub deeply admires compassionate individuals and organizations. It is an honor for the company to assist in the noble efforts of these individuals and organizations, so it is offering a 40% discount on the ProofHub Ultimate Control plan for non-profit groups. To receive the discount for non-profit organizations, register for a ProofHub Ultimate Control plan and notify ProofHub by email at or call ProofHub to identify yourselves as a non-profit. Once eligible, each billing cycle will show the discount applied to your account.


Overall, ProofHub is a robust project management software option for businesses of all sizes. It applies to a variety of teams and functions, from marketing and design, operations and finance, to IT, engineering, and product development. ProofHub pricing plans and features make it a viable choice for teams looking for an all-in-one solution to manage their projects efficiently. The pricing plans are competitive and not primarily based on the number of users.

When deciding what scheme to use, some of the factors to consider are business size, budget, project complexity, number of projects, required integrations, customization, and customer support. ProofHub is a great collaboration tool but may be lacking with its integrations. To have better confidence in your purchasing decision, take a look at our ProofHub Pros and Cons article first.

Source: ProofHub Pricing Official Website


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