Top 5 PMP Certification Preparation Books

When ready to advance your project management skills, consider investing in PMP certification training books and courses. PMP Certification is frequently sought-after for novice and experienced professional project managers.

Andy’s Add-on:  The credential helps establish a common language and understanding between project managers.  With this credential, you’ll know you won’t attend a project plan review with your Microsoft project schedule! (A project plan is the documented process used to manage a project versus the actual schedule of activities used to complete the project.) 

Along with the required professional experience criteria that must be met, here are 5 popular books that will help prepare you to obtain your project management certification.

Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam Prep (8th Edition)

The best-selling Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam Prep book is known within the world of project management as one of the top guides for preparing to obtain your PMP certification. The book contains a full-length PMP study guide that is known for being both encompassing and easily accessible.

All the PMP exam material and resources you need are consolidated within a single publication. The book is filled with numerous interviews conducted by the author, in addition to experiences with verified test takers. It has more than 600 pages, reflecting the complete project management framework for your consideration.

Velociteach All-in-One PMP Exam Prep Kit

Andy Crowe is a successful author and the founder of the Velociteach program. Velociteach has become known throughout the country for providing high-quality and practical PMP training and test preparation services. This packaged self-study kit allows interested candidates and aspiring PMPs to reap the key benefits of the Velociteach program within a personal kit they can use and follow at their own pace.

It consists of a stellar combination of thoroughly discussed topics, practice questions, and practical exercises that will help you apply your newly acquired (or recently refreshed) knowledge to real-life hypothetical situations. A nifty feature within this specific self-study kit is the handy reference guide that comes along with it.

This laminated card gives you a quick study sheet with pertinent information that you may need to refresh your memory about moments before you head to take your proctored PMP exam.

Head First PMP

An exciting alternative to studying manuals and formal textbooks to obtain your project management certification is the “Head First PMP: A Brain-Friendly Guide.” Suppose you are interested in finding more creative and contemporary ways of learning and mastering project management. In that case, this book can serve as your guide while also preparing you to know everything necessary to pass the certification exam successfully.

Perhaps the multi-sensory approach to learning interwoven within the content of this popular publication is what sets it apart from the rest of the project management study and test prep manuals available on the market today. Either way, the visual learning aids and overall gamification of this book make it a top choice.

McGraw-Hill’s PMP Project Management Professional Exam

If you are looking to take a standard textbook approach, very few options or companies have the same textbook brand recognition as McGraw-Hill. This PMP examination manual gives you all the tools that you will need to buckle down and study for this tedious and time-consuming exam. It is based on cutting-edge methods and modern-day techniques delivered and presented by a certified expert.

The author of this book has presented numerous PMP courses and project management courses worldwide.  She is also an experienced Project Management Professional, which adds even more credibility and knowledge to this textbook’s many pages.

PMBOK Guide (5th Edition)

I can’t write a post about certification preparation books without mentioning the PMBOK!

The PMBOX (Project Management Book of Knowledge) Guide is the standard “Bible” of Project Management. It is an official preparation resource referenced and promoted on popular project management websites and blogs. Within its pages, the PMBOK features a vast amount of information related to critical areas of project management knowledge, inputs, outputs, and process groups.

However, one of the biggest complaints about this specific guide is its complex text and excessive technical jargon. It is not as much of an “easy read” as other books featured. However, its credibility within the industry makes this trustworthy manual worthy of your serious consideration.

Andy’s Add-on: If you’re an active member of the Project Management Institute, you can download the standard for free.

Focus on the Full PMP Certification Package

As mentioned earlier, obtaining your project management certification requires more than reading a manual and passing an exam. However, studying the proper paths towards becoming an official PMP will help improve your PM acumen and prepare you for the certification.

Andy’s Add-on: To learn how I prepared and successfully passed the PMO, check out my PMP Exam Prep article.

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