Trello – Backup & Export your Documents & Files in Bulk

Bridge24 is a productivity-enhancing tool for Trello users, providing advanced features for reporting, exporting, and visualization. Recently, a new capability has been introduced that enables Trello users to download files associated with cards or boards in bulk.

With this new feature, Trello users have the option to download all files associated with a card or board at once or choose specific files to download. Additionally, users can specify a date range to download attachments, which can be helpful for archiving or reporting purposes.

Backup Files & Documents For Trello

One of its key features is the ability to download files from either a board, a team, or all cards in a Trello account, either individually or in bulk. Users can track the download status during the transfer process and reference an index and log. You can also save documents in an organized zip file structure, making it easy for users to manage their downloads.

Additionally, this feature allows users to create multiple zip files automatically and compress them as they see fit. Users can also download files one by one from the grid within the documents field or directly from the card edit panel. This makes the process more efficient and user-friendly. Finally, users also have the option to export all the documents associated with a card in bulk. This is a useful feature for users who need to download large quantities of files quickly and easily.

The feature is particularly useful for users who want to back up or archive their files and those who need to download files for reporting purposes. The option to download attachments individually or in bulk provides users with flexibility in how they manage their files. With status tracking, index and log generation, and multiple zip file creation options, this feature ensures that users can manage their downloads effectively. Compressing zip files also saves storage space and improves download speeds.

Overall, Bridge24’s file download feature is a valuable tool for Trello users, providing an efficient and user-friendly method for downloading files. Its range of options for downloading and managing files makes it useful for various use cases, from personal to professional. Its ease of use and intuitive interface make it a welcome addition to Bridge24’s suite of productivity tools for Trello users.

User Questions and Answers

The File Download Manager for Trello can handle any number of files, regardless of their size. Even if the files exceed 10GB in Trello, the File Download Manager can download them without issues.

Users can group attachments by board and card in the zip file. By selecting the “Zip folder hierarchy” option under the “Options” tab, users can choose between several available options, including “None,” “By board/card,” “By board,” and “By card.”

Users can download attachments from a card all at once by clicking on the “Download” link in the “Edit Card” panel. This feature lets users quickly and efficiently download all files associated with a particular card, streamlining the downloading process.


The latest addition to Bridge24’s Trello productivity tool is the attachment download feature, which offers users an easy and efficient method for downloading attachments from Trello. This feature is especially beneficial for users needing to backup or archive their attachments, making it suitable for personal and professional use cases.

With its progress tracker and date range options, the feature is also highly useful for users who work with large files or have slow internet connections. By adding new features like this, Bridge24 is showcasing its dedication to continuously improving its product and providing the best possible experience for Trello users.


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