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Clockify is an all-in-one time tracking software that helps individuals and businesses track their time spent on various projects and tasks. It also allows for generating reports and estimating project costs. Users can access it via web application, mobile app, or browser extensions. Whether you are an individual, a team, or an enterprise, it offers a detailed solution for your time-tracking needs. This article will discuss the Clockify pricing plans and the corresponding features they offer.

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How Much Does Clockify Cost?

The five Clockify pricing plans are:

  • Clockify Free – for individuals who are starting to increase their productivity and manage their time by using a time-tracking tool
  • Clockify Basic ($3.99 per user, per month) – ideal for small teams who want to manage and administer the essential features of time-tracking in their organization
  • Clockify Standard ($5.49 per user, per month) – best for small teams that require more functionality in managing timesheets and billing
  • Clockify Pro ($7.99 per user, per month) – suitable for large and growing organizations that require additional features like profit and productivity tracking
  • Clockify Enterprise ($11.99 per user, per month) – perfect for very large businesses that require enterprise-level control and security features and support

Note: Clockify gives a 7-day free trial of the Clockify Pro plan. A product demo of the Clockify Enterprise plan is also possible to test out its features and show users how the process works.

Clockify Free Plan

The Clockify Free plan provides basic features for individuals and freelancers who are starting with time-tracking and project management. It allows you to track time without any restrictions on the number of users. Customers can use their services for free without any time limitations. They also offer customer support to all users, regardless of their plan. For additional features, you can upgrade your plan at any time.


  • Timesheet, Auto Tracker, Calendar – Track apps and websites you use and create timesheets based on the activities, with Calendar views.
  • Pomodoro Timer, Idle Detection, and Reminders – Set break times and reminders for idle time.
  • Tracking Integrations – Integrate with other web applications while tracking time.
  • Kiosk – Arrange a shared timekeeping device that workers can use to record their attendance.
  • Team Activity, Reports, Project Status – View your team’s activity and project status, and review your performance.
  • Export and Share – Export your reports by storing them in CSV, PDF, and Excel files.
  • Billable Rates – Manage the hourly rates of employees and see how much earnings you generate.
  • API and Webhooks – Integrate with other systems and communicate information to and from Clockify.
  • Admin Control – Manage project access by giving time-tracking permissions to specific users.
  • Team Chat – Communicate and share files via direct messages and other channels.

Clockify Basic Plan ($3.99 per user per month)

The Clockify Basic plan is ideal for small teams who need to track time for personal and client projects. It has basic reporting features, reminders, and integrations. The price is $3.99 per user per month when billed annually or $4.99 per user per month when billed monthly.


  • Import Time and Breaks – Bring in time entries via files and track break times spent by users.
  • Decimal Format and Customize Exports – Export time in decimal formats and choose the type of information to export.
  • Time Audit – View suspicious time entries and take action on them.
  • Hide Time and Pages – Restrict time and page access.
  • Project Templates and Bulk Edits – Use predefined project templates and modify time entries in batches.
  • Kiosk PIN – Includes a pin code for logging in.

Clockify Standard Plan ($5.49 per user per month)

The Clockify Standard plan is ideal for small teams needing timesheets and billing features. Features include 2FA authentication and QuickBooks integration. It costs $5.49 per user per month for annual payments or $6.99 per user per month for monthly payments..


  • Time Off – Track holidays and days off spent by employees.
  • Targets and Reminders – Include automatic emails if someone forgets to log time.
  • Lock Timesheets – Disable editing of previous timesheets.
  • Rounding – Rounding time up, down, or to the nearest number of minutes
  • Attendance and Overtime – View the attendance of all employees including their overtime and days off.
  • QuickBooks Integration – Integrate your QuickBooks account and send time entries quickly.
  • Task Rates – Allows you to enter an hourly rate for tasks.
  • Customize Kiosk – Customize your Kiosk with the company logo.
  • Invoicing and Approval – Create invoices and submit timesheets for approval.
  • Manager Role – Assigns users managerial rights to manage projects and approve timesheets.
  • Force 2FA – Enables 2FA authentication for enhanced security.

Clockify Pro Plan ($7.99 per user per month)

The Clockify Pro plan is for larger teams and growing businesses that require more features and integrations. It includes functionalities to ensure profitability and productivity. The plan is at $7.99 per user per month when billed annually or $9.99 per user per month when billed monthly.


  • User and Custom Fields – Add custom information to time entries and user fields for documentation.
  • Force Timer – Prevent manual changes of the start and end times.
  • GPS Tracking – Track the location of the team and client sites they have been into
  • Screenshots – Includes computer screenshots every 5 minutes for better monitoring of activities.
  • Labor Cost and Profit – Add hourly labor cost rates to projects and users.
  • Budget and Estimates – Set time and money estimates for your projects.
  • Forecasting – Visually predict the future or the results depending on the schedule.
  • Alerts – Get notifications when a project goes over the budget estimates.
  • Reports – Includes assignment, expense, and email reports.
  • Scheduling – Allows you to assign tasks, manage resources, and plan projects on a timeline.
  • Expenses – Record your fixed project expenses.

Clockify Enterprise Plan ($11.99 per user per month)

The Clockify Enterprise plan is the most advanced tier perfect for enterprises and very large organizations. It offers advanced security features like an SSO authentication system, workspace and user admin control, and audit logs for monitoring user activity. It costs $11.99 per user per month for annual payments or $14.99 per user per month for monthly payments.


  • SSO – Use your company’s authentication system to enhance security.
  • Custom Subdomain – Prevent users from having duplicate workspaces.
  • Control accounts – Manage user accounts through an administrator role with broad privileges for more system control.
  • Audit log – Includes controls for monitoring changes made in the system.


The Clockify pricing plans offer competitive features at reasonable prices. It offers an attractive choice for individuals and businesses looking for a flexible time-tracking solution. Its range of features can address the varied needs of its users.

Choosing the right Clockify pricing plan may depend on the size of the team, the required features, and the user’s budget. To help better understand the differences in each plan, check out our Clockify Pros and Cons article.

Source: Clockify Pricing Official Website


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