40+ Free RACI Matrix Templates (Google Sheets, Excel, PDF)

The Responsibility Assignment Matrix, also known as the RACI Matrix, is considered one of the best ways to track roles and responsibilities within a project. To save time, project managers use a RACI matrix template.

It is essential for anyone in the IT profession because it creates the opportunity for what I think is the best way to ensure great success and participation in a project. Delegating tasks and bringing everyone on board with the decision-making process make a significant difference in the long run.

Recently, I spoke about how I used the RACI matrix at my current position in a startup to help me with stakeholder management, where I held a roles and responsibilities session where the output was a RACI chart.

For example, we need user guides. Ideally, we would have a technical content creator or product marketer who could oversee this piece of work.

We had no such person, but the task had to be done. Instead, it would fall to the Product Owner, Designer, Team Lead, and Digital Lead. It was just not clear who was ultimately responsible for the success of delivering this output.

The session helped us a lot. We ensured every task had at least one stakeholder Responsible for it.

No tasks had more than one stakeholder Accountable.

RACI Matrix Template Example for Software Project Stakeholders

What does the RACI Matrix stand for?

The term RACI is formulated by stakeholders who will hold one of the following responsibilities:

  • Responsible: People who do the work
  • Accountable: People who are interested in the result
  • Consulted: People who can help with the work
  • Informed: People interested in the result and how the work is progressing.

In the PMP exam approach for the RACI Matrix, sometimes one person may hold multiple roles in the project. For example, the person assigned to an Accountable task may also complete a Responsible task.

Having a RACI Matrix is beneficial because it allows for an organized method of communication. Still, it also limits the number of people working on a project. It established a clear expectation for everyone involved. Having a team involved creates better precision, and team members will feel they have an increased ownership of assignments. This type of connection towards the project leads to a higher level of commitment and participation

Creating a RACI Matrix Template can bring on a variety of questions like:

  • Why do you need to use a template?
  • Who is responsible for creating and managing?
  • When should you use a template in an agile environment?

We’re here to answer those questions and give the right tools to create the best possible template.

5 RACI Matrix Rules

When adhering to these RACI Matrix Rules, you will find yourself more easily assigning tasks and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

There are a few guidelines to consider when making a RACI Matrix Template.

  1. Identify all of the tasks that are needed to be completed
  2. Identify all of the project participants
  3. Identify who has responsibility, accountability as well as who will be consulted and informed for the necessary tasks
  4. Make sure that every task has someone responsible for it
  5. Discuss tasks with everyone within the project to ensure agreement

3 Steps on How to Create a RACI Template

Tasks within any project are defined into multiple steps. When creating the template, it is important to specify each step, its task, and who is responsible for the Project.

Step 1 – Identify Roles

First, it is important to identify the roles needed within the specific task. If the budget isn’t limited, specify as many as necessary for completion.

Step 2 – List Stakeholders

In the next step, list every stakeholder across the top of the RACI table.

Step 3 – Specify Roles

After the stakeholders are listed, fill in the cells to determine who is responsible and accountable for this task and who will be consulted and informed. It is important that every task has at least one responsible stakeholder. Ensure that you do not have more than one stakeholder accountable as well.

Here is a RACI Example that will best give you an idea of how it is formatted. Referencing this RACI Example is one of many other templates that can be utilized when making your own.

27 RACI Matrix Templates in Google Sheets

Utilizing Google allows multiple people to access and adjust the template as necessary. It is free to use and allows for collaboration to occur in real-time, which is perfect when you want group involvement.

This is why we have migrated the following from the free Excel templates listed below on other websites.

  1. RACI Chart (Roles and Responsibilities Matrix)
  2. RACI Chart Example
  3. RACI Matrix Example
  4. Project Management RACI Matrix Example
  5. Project RACI Matrix Example
  6. Factory RACI Chart Example
  7. Organizational Project Management RACI Matrix Example
  8. Basic RACI Blank Chart and Example 1
  9. Basic RACI Blank Chart and Example 2
  10. Project Manager RACI Blank Chart and Example
  11. RACI Matrix Example
  12. Stakeholders RACI Chart Example
  13. Sales Force RACI Chart Example
  14. 27 – Blank RACI Chart and Example
  15. IT Department RACI Chart Example
  16. Project Planning RACI Chart Example
  17. Task Distribution RACI Matrix Example
  18. Project Management RACI Blank Chart Example
  19. Simple Company Activities RACI Chart Example
  20. Blank Team RACI Chart
  21. Tasks RACI Blank Chart
  22. Project Manager RACI Chart Example
  23. Project Manager RACI Matrix Blank and Example
  24. Project Management Service RACI Matrix Example
  25. Project Planning RACI Chart Example
  26. Project Deliverable or Activities Blank RACI Matrix
  27. Basic Project RACI Example

RACI Templates in Excel

Excel has pioneered itself as one of the best platforms for creating charts. With this in mind, it comes with many options and the ability to correctly make rules for each part of the chart. The downfall of using Excel is that it can get messy when utilizing and sending files between team members, as it is not a format built for live editing. Files can go missing pretty quickly, and it can also create a form of a bottleneck.

RACI Templates in PDF

This is the best platform for your charts if you need to send documents to members and want to preserve their format. PDFs have the option to be interactive and can be imported into platforms like Excel and Word. It is best served as a final document as it is not ideal to use when you want to send it to others to have things changed.

RACI Templates in PowerPoint

RACI Templates in Word

There are some similarities between using Word and Google Docs. It has the option of creating charts, and it can transfer between platforms like Excel and PDF. Word is a standard platform for many people to have on their computers. The challenge with Word is that it comes with a difficult format. It also creates a bottleneck with files as you cannot edit in real time

RACI Template Online Software / Tools

There are a couple of options when it comes to software. My recommendation is to don’t overthink it. If you are using these tools already, they can create some advanced graphics and can have a digital RACI matrix session with stakeholders.

  • Miro – Track responsibilities and ensure you have the right conversations with the right people with the RACI Template.
  • Ayoa – registration needed
  • Sinnaps – registration needed
  • Creately – registration needed
  • Monday – registration needed

Conclusion on using RACI Matrix

We hope we can answer all of your questions about RACI Matrixes in this tutorial. It is a handy tool to help align stakeholders and ensure everybody knows what is expected of them.

If you are more of a video person, RACI 101 has an excellent explainer video below to help you further understand all things RACI matrices:

Delegating tasks and involving everyone in the decision-making process make a significant difference in the long run. We hope you enjoyed this. Share your thoughts about these in the comments!

FAQ on RACI Matrix’s

How do I create a RACI?

Choose software to create the RACI matrix, like Google Sheets. To build the RACI matrix, Step 1 – Identify Roles, Step 2 – List Stakeholders, Step 3 – Specify Roles

What does RACI stand for?

Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed

Is RACI used in Agile?

Yes, it can be used in Agile when you have a situation where stakeholders are unclear about their roles. It is commonly used in the working agreement stage as the team begins working together.

Shane Drumm

Shane Drumm

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