Scoro Pricing Plans & Costs Guide for 2023

Scoro is a cloud-based business management software that provides a comprehensive suite of features. These include project and resource management, time billing, invoicing, budgeting, CRM, team collaboration, reporting, and integrations. Scoro is for project managers, team leaders, and entrepreneurs managing a team of people working on various tasks and activities. It is a great option for businesses in industries such as marketing, advertising, software development, consulting, engineering, and many others.

How Much Does Scoro Cost?

Scoro pricing plans are dependent on the number of users and the features included. It offers a 14-day free trial and a product demo to help understand how the different features work. Scoro pricing plans include the following:

  • Scoro Essential ($26 per user, per month, minimum of 5 users) – for small and growing businesses that need the basic features of an end-to-end work management software
  • Scoro Standard ($37 per user, per month, minimum of 5 users) – best for companies with more advanced project management needs
  • Scoro Pro ($63 per user, per month, minimum of 5 users) – suitable for businesses with more complex workflows and require additional sales management features
  • Scoro Ultimate (Contact Scoro) – ideal for organizations needing more flexibility and customization functions

If you are looking for a more affordable project management solution, try AceProject. It’s pricing structure is not on a per-user basis and is more cost-effective.

Scoro Essential Plan ($26 per user per month, minimum of 5 users)

Scoro Essential plan is for small and growing businesses. This plan includes features such as CRM, project management, billing, invoicing, and reporting. It costs $26 per user per month billed annually for a minimum of 5 users. Month-by-month, it is at $28 per user per month for a minimum of 5 users.


  • Projects – Set deadlines, assign tasks to team members, track progress, and monitor project budgets.
  • Calendars – Schedule and organize work using personal and team calendars.
  • Task List and Task Board – Create task lists and organize them on a visual task board.
  • Contacts and Customers – Manage contact and customer information systematically.
  • Quotes – Create professional-looking quotes and proposals.
  • Invoices and Receipts – Send invoices to clients and generate receipts after posting payments.
  • Bills – Input and track business bills and view the list of paid or unpaid bills.
  • Dashboards – See an overview of KPIs and critical business metrics.
  • Detailed Work Reports – Generate detailed work reports to analyze productivity and resources.
  • Summary Financial Report – Get an overview of the company’s revenue, expenses, profit margins, and other financial indicators.

Scoro Standard Plan ($37 per user per month, minimum of 5 users)

Scoro Standard plan is suitable for businesses that have more challenging needs. This plan includes additional features such as workflow automation, advanced reporting, expense management, Gantt charts, time-tracking, and purchase management. It costs $37 per user per month billed annually for a minimum of 5 users. Billed monthly, it is at $42 per user per month for a minimum of 5 users.


  • Gantt Chart and Dependencies – Plan and schedule tasks and set dependencies using a Gantt chart.
  • Phases and Milestones – Divide projects into stages or phases and mark significant achievements.
  • Time Tracker – Monitor productivity by accurately tracking time spent on tasks and projects.
  • Project Templates – Set up new projects quickly by working on pre-built templates.
  • Purchase Orders – Create and manage purchase orders, track order status, and manage vendor information.
  • Expenses – Capture and categorize expenses and view the list of paid or unpaid expenses.
  • Recurring Tasks – Set tasks to recur daily, weekly, monthly, or on custom schedules.
  • Multiple Currencies – Simplify financial management in a global business context.
  • Triggers and Actions – Set triggers to send notifications and update tasks.
  • Detailed Financial Reports – Generate detailed financial reports for analyzing all financial metrics.

Scoro Pro Plan ($63 per user per month, minimum of 5 users)

Scoro Pro plan is for businesses with more complicated workflows that require a more extensive automation suite. This plan includes a planner, sales pipeline management, supplier management, enhanced reports, budget management, and time locking. It costs $63 per user per month billed annually for a minimum of 5 users. Pay $71 per user, per month on a monthly basis for a minimum of 5 users.


  • Planner – Assign and schedule tasks easily across the team, taking into account each member’s capacity.
  • Project Budgets – Set and track project budget limits and compare them against planned costs.
  • Timesheet and Time Locking – Log the time spent on various tasks and prevent users from modifying all recorded hours.
  • Track Billable Time – Track billable time and generate invoices based on the recorded hours.
  • Task Matrix – Display a side-by-side view of task dependencies, priorities, and deadlines.
  • Sales Pipeline and Report – Visualize the sales pipeline and generate sales reports.
  • Margin and Markup – Set pricing rules, define profit margins, and track the profitability of sales.
  • Labor Cost – Calculate and track labor costs associated with projects and tasks.
  • Supplier Management – Maintain a centralized database of suppliers.
  • Late Invoice Reminders – Get reminded of late invoices to manage accounts receivables.
  • Utilization Report – Gain insights into resource allocation and productivity.

Scoro Ultimate Plan (Contact Scoro)

Scoro Ultimate plan is the highest tier, inclusive of the most advanced features. It includes enhanced features like customization options, FTP integration, supplier management, customer portal, and SSO authentication. This plan is suitable for established businesses dealing with teams across the globe and complex accounting tasks. Contact Scoro for a custom quote for your business needs and requirements.


  • SSO – Access the platform using existing credentials from another system.
  • Unlimited Custom Fields – Create and define custom fields to tailor the system for specific business needs.
  • Budgets and Forecasts – Create and track budgets for projects, departments, or the entire organization.
  • Orders and Contracts – Manage sales orders, purchase orders, and contracts within the system.
  • Customer Portal – Give clients safe access to interact with users regarding their projects, orders, or invoices.
  • Supplier Management – Track supplier contracts, manage supplier performance, and monitor purchasing processes.
  • WIP Report – Gain insights into the status and progress of ongoing projects and tasks.
  • Multi-Account Reporting – Generate consolidated reports across multiple accounts or subsidiaries.
  • FTP Integration – Connect and synchronize files between Scoro and an FTP server.


Scoro pricing plans cater to various business needs and sizes, and the option to customize features provides flexibility and scalability. However, it can get relatively expensive for small businesses just starting with a limited budget. Some factors to consider when choosing a Scoro pricing plan are business size, features required, budget, and growth rate.

Additionally, Scoro offers onboarding services with separate pricing plans. Interested parties can select a partner to guide in setting up Scoro configurations. To see if Scoro is suitable for you, check our Scoro Pros and Cons before subscribing to a plan.

Source: Scoro Pricing Official Website


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