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Trello is one of the top-rated online project management tools that allows teams and individuals to organize work and track projects. It’s a free platform that helps users manage their projects effortlessly through a flexible system of project boards, organizational lists, and detailed cards that define the workflow. It was developed and launched in 2011 as an internal app by Fog Creek Software, a company located in New York. In 2014, Trello spun-off, and Atlassian later acquired it in 2017. It’s a popular tool, with over 35 million active users to date. Trello has a free plan, although the version has limited functions. There are also paid plans, with the minimum starting at $5 a month per user. In addition to the top ten Trello tutorials below, here is a powerful tool that expands the functionalities of your Trello software by providing interactive charts and powerful reporting, Bridge24 for Trello.

The Top 10 Tutorials

Trello is ideal for managing a wide range of things, from personal tasks to enterprise projects. It’s the project management tool of choice for many, including freelancers, startups, established businesses, schools, and charity organizations. When teams need a tool that can help them track projects, enhance collaboration, and combine seamlessly with other applications, they turn to Trello. This platform integrates with numerous Power-Ups and add-ons, thus enhancing its appeal. The following is our top 10 list of the best Trello tutorials, online courses, guides, and other useful resources. The majority of them cover the basics of using the tool, while some go deeper and discuss how to use Trello for complex cases.  

1. LinkedIn Learning

Trello Essential Training is a program created by Zack Arnold, available on LinkedIn Learning. This course covers different beginner topics in 2 hours and 20 minutes. Zack talks about how to deploy Trello to manage work and how to use it to improve teamwork among project participants. The program has different sections including an introduction to the productivity tool, how to use Trello Boards, cards and other functionalities, integrations, advice for project leaders, and a summary. LinkedIn learning has premium courses, and subscribers get a free first month.

2. Trello Help

The official Trello Help Site is also a great place to find helpful and valuable information about Trello. It contains a Video Demo on How to Get Started with Trello and a transcription. The video highlights the basic features of a Trello board and covers other basic topics like creating boards and cards and using the tool to enhance collaboration with the team. You can also locate links to helpful resources on the left of the help page.

3. Trello Guide

Getting Started With Trello is a simplified official source of information on Trello. It discusses different areas of this app in topics like Creating a Board, Trello 101, Powering-Up productivity, and Feature Deep Dive. The resource also covers topics on how to use the tool to plan projects like vacations, recipes, weddings, and other events. It also contains information on how a number of its users, like Deutsche-Bahn and Burgerfi, get the best out of the application. The guide also has links to a number of free on-demand informational webinars.

4. The Freelance Effect

The Freelance Effect is a community blog for freelancers. A Trello review and tutorial that was published on the blog details the features and capabilities of the software. The author covers how the tool works, creating boards, lists, and cards, incorporating team members, and automating tasks. The guide is easy-to-read, and it contains various visual aids.

5. Trello YouTube video

Trello has developed some amazing tutorials to help users get the best out of their tools. In 2015, they released a 5-minute long video titled Getting Started with Trello. It offers an introduction to this PM tool. In one example in the video, they show how an app developer can deploy a board to track their new application. There is an updated video transcript on the page.

6. Zapier Trello Tutorial

Zapier is a task automation platform that allows users to combine the various tools they use and ensure they complement each other seamlessly. It can integrate with Trello, and it offers a number of guides for the tool, including an in-depth tutorial titled How to use Trello. This guide walks the reader through setting up boards, lists, and cards, taking screenshots, allocating cards, setting due dates, adding labels, and other advanced actions.

7. Udemy – Trello Ultimate Guide 

Udemy’s Trello Ulmitate Guide for beginners to advanced is a 2016 tutorial program that helps users understand Trello’s features and learn how it works within a short time frame.  The guide has a 2 and a half-hour video and contains 2 articles, alongside the regular Udemy offers. The course is highly-rated, with a score of 4.4/5. Over 2000 people have enrolled.

8. Slideshare Trello Beginner’s Guide

Slideshare is a platform owned by LinkedIn that allows members to present and share information. This slideshow tool can be obtained for free. It has a resourceful 152-slide deck  – How to use Trello: Beginner’s Guide. It also contains screenshots to break down information. The guide targets new and non-tech users. 

9. Jessica Stansberry YouTube video

Jessica Stanbery is a professional digital marketing personality who engages her clients and fanbase through social media, videos, blogs, and podcasts. In 2017, she made a YouTube video titled How to use Trello [trello tutorial]. The 9-minute long video (7 minutes, minus the introduction) has since generated over 295k views. She explains how she employs Trello to organize personal and work-related tasks.

10. Slideshare Trello Basic Tutorial 

Trello Basic Tutorial is another helpful Slideshare resource. In 112 slides, the author carefully explains how Trello can be utilized to improve project management. It’s well-structured and has easy-to-follow steps ranging from registering new users to setting up boards, lists, and cards.


Millions of people use Trello daily because of its simple design and easy-to-use drag-and-drop user interface. It’s a highly visual system that enables users to concentrate more on the tasks on hand than the application itself. It helps to boost productivity, collaboration, transparency, and workflow. It’s also a flexible tool that can be deployed to handle a wide range of projects.

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