Zoho Projects Pricing Plans & Costs Guide

Zoho Projects is an online project management software that helps businesses and teams of all sizes to plan, track, and collaborate on projects. It offers a range of features such as task management, time tracking, project budgeting, Gantt and chart views, among others. This user-friendly tool makes it an excellent choice for teams who want a simple yet capable project management tool. This article will examine the different pricing plans of Zoho Projects closely.

How Much Does Zoho Projects Cost?

Zoho Projects pricing schemes are affordable and competitive, considering the range of features and functionalities included in each plan. You can test the paid plans with a 10-day free trial upon request. A demo is also possible by request if you want to see the capabilities offered before deciding on a plan. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing and features provided by Zoho Projects:

  • Zoho Projects Free– fit for small teams and individuals who need basic project management features
  • Zoho Projects Premium ($4 per user, per month) – suitable for teams who need more advanced project management capabilities
  • Zoho Projects Enterprise ($9 per user, per month) – perfect for large organizations with complex project management needs

If you’re looking for a solution that fits your budget other than Zoho Projects, you may want to look into AceProject as an alternative. This tool does not charge based on the number of users, a reason that it can be a cost-effective choice in the long term.

Zoho Projects Free Plan

The Zoho Projects Free plan can meet the needs of small teams and individuals new to project management. This plan has functionalities such as essential task management, calendars, and forums. It is also compatible with your Android, iOS, and iPad OS gadgets, allowing you to manage your tasks anywhere you are.


  • Storage – Limited to 10MB storage space.
  • Users and Projects – Up to three users and two projects only.
  • Custom Status – Create custom status for projects, milestones, and tasks.
  • Views – Chronology Gantt Charts have read only permissions.
  • Core Features – Provides document sharing, Google Apps integration, project feeds, and tags.
  • Issue Tracker – Includes tool to import issues from CSV and XLS formats, and JIRA.
  • Task and Issue Reports – Includes basic task/issue reports.
  • Integrations – Integrates with Zoho CRM, Zapier, Zoho Meeting, Zoho Sprints, Zendesk, Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Slack, and ServiceNow.

Zoho Projects Premium Plan ($4 per user per month)

The Zoho Projects Premium plan is suitable for teams that need more advanced features such as resource management, automation of tasks with blueprint, custom views, and more advanced reporting. It offers a good balance of features and affordability, making it the most popular choice for organizations and teams. This plan costs $4 per user per month when billed annually or $5 per user per month when billed monthly.


  • Storage – Up to 100GB storage space.
  • Projects and Project Templates – Includes unlimited projects and 20 project templates.
  • Core Features – Provides subtasks, task duration, reminders, project timeline Gantt, task layout view, sync with Google Tasks, time tracking, export projects, recurring tasks, timesheet approval, time log restriction, AI Chatbot powered by Zia, strict project (unmovable deadline), task rollup, milestone layout, project budget, and earned value management.
  • Task and Issue Reports – Includes advanced task/issue reports.
  • Configurable Business Hours, Holidays, and Weekends setting.
  • Issue Tracker – Includes tool to add issues through emails, export issues, notifications, Web To Issue Forms, and business rules for issues.
  • Task and Issue Reports – Includes advanced task/issue reports.
  • Integrations – Integrates with Zoho Invoice, Zoho Books, Zoho People, Dropbox, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Flow, GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, and Gitea.

Zoho Projects Enterprise Plan ($9 per user per month)

The Zoho Projects Enterprise plan is the most advanced plan and is best for large organizations with complex project management requirements. It offers features like inter-project dependencies, portfolio dashboards, critical path and baseline, and custom integrations with many APIs. This plan is $9 per user per month when billed annually or $10 per user per month when billed monthly.


  • Storage – Up to 120GB storage space.
  • Project Templates – Includes 30 project templates.
  • Read-Only Users – Up to 10 read-only users.
  • Core Features – Provides project layout, flexible work hours, multiple baseline support, web tab, teams, task workflow rules, task layout rules, global Gantt chart, global resource utilization, and global planned vs. actual hours.
  • Custom Roles, Profiles and Domain
  • Custom Fields – Set custom fields for projects, milestones, tasks, issues, and timesheets.
  • Issue Tracker – Includes tool for email settings, webhooks, custom issue email templates, and SLA.
  • Integrations – Integrates with Zoho Desk, Zoho Directory, and SharePoint.

Note: Contact Zoho directly if your company has more than 5,000 users.

Zoho Projects Support Packages

The Zoho Projects Classic Support Package is free for all the plans of Zoho Projects by default. This package provides the knowledge base, community forums, customer portal, email support, live chat, and toll-free support, with an 8-hour maximum first response time. This package is suitable for users who have basic questions or issues and do not require immediate assistance.

The Zoho Projects Premium Support Package is available for purchase by Zoho Projects Premium and Enterprise plan subscribers. It includes remote assistance, product onboarding, and configuration assistance, with a 3-hour maximum first response time. You can request the pricing of this scalable package directly from Zoho.


One of the benefits of the Zoho Projects pricing plans is that they are scalable. Businesses and teams can upgrade or downgrade their plans as their needs change. These schemes make Zoho Projects a flexible and affordable option for businesses of all sizes.

When choosing the best plan, consider your business size and complexity of workflow, budget, and support requirements. With the right plan, you can ensure access to the technical support and resources you need to manage your projects effectively and efficiently. Zoho Projects is a tool that balances functionality and affordability. It is also sensible to get as much information as possible, such as with our Zoho Projects Pros and Cons article, before deciding to purchase.

Source: Zoho Projects Pricing Official Website


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